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what is Honi Bee?

Bees are often considered a symbol of the Divine Feminine. The sweetness of honi have a mystical sense; it's a taste of the sweetness of wisdom, the wisdom of the numinous experience. Symboling wisdom Bee's collects pollen from many flowers and turns it into the nourishing honi, which is the gold of bees. Just so, the Divine Feminine collects experience from the varying circumstances of Her life and from it extracts spiritual gold. As the spiritual alchemists, the Divine Feminine uses her life as a laboratory, and Her consciousness and Her body the subjects of Her spiritual experiments.

The Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine is a concept grounded in spirituality, definitions can vary depending on who you ask. "The Divine Feminine is energy that of the Divine Mother, the counterpart of the Divine Masculine, She is Wombman, She is Wisdom, She is Moon, She is love, She is Magick, She is ......" DeJaneé. , "She is consciousness divided up into the ‘masculine’ side and the ‘feminine’ side, and we need both to achieve our highest creative potential." The Divine Feminine represents the connection to the part of your consciousness responsible for nurture, intuition, and empathy, regardless of your gender. She is the aspect of the self associated with "creation, intuition, community, sensuality (felt sense rather than thinking sense), and collaboration."

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October/November/December - Temporary leave ♥️

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sun in Libra

Sun enters Libra ☉ ♎️ The Sun enters Libra on the Fall Equinox, the moment when day and night are equal. It’s no wonder, then, that Libra is the zodiac sign that’s all about balance! Peace and harmony prevail with the Sun in Libra, it’s all about connecting with others, taking in beauty, and soothing the soul. It’s a time to practice fairness, grace, and meeting others halfway.


moon in AQUARIUS

Moon enters Aquarius ☽ ♒️ Attraction to all that is new and unusual, and an instinctive need for improvement, characterize the Moon in Aquarius. Reactions are more intellectual than emotional, and interactions are more impersonal than personal, under this influence.


mercury in Scorpio

Mercury enters Scorpio ☿ ♏️ Scorpio thrives in the dark. Secrets and lies, questions and answers, death and transformation, this sign are never satisfied with what’s lying on the surface. With Mercury, the planet of communication and ideas transits through the dark sign of Scorpio, we want to dig deeper into things.


Venus in libra

Venus enters Libra ♀ ♎️ When Venus is transiting the sign of Libra, love it is in the air. Since Venus is ruled by libra, there is a sweet time of peace that highlights our partnerships and social life. Relationships are rather light and lovely than hot and heavy.




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Stay Sweet Sounds creates a Zodiac Playlist for each Sun Sign in their Season so we can feel the feels that radiates to that sign perfectly curated by DeJaneé on both Apple Music and Spotify.