Signs and Plants


August 25th

More Love.

The excellent love aspect that has set in between Mars and Venus yesterday is still working on all levels. And today is all about family, you will not only be giving all your love but will receive much more love.



It is serendipity under the void-of-course Gemini moon this morning. Something forgotten mystically appears. Like what, you may ask. How about discovering money in a desk drawer or under a cushion? A keyword here is “discovery.” The sign is Gemini, after all. What better energy to let your thirst for knowledge lead you!

Tonight, the caring Cancer moon means opportunities for extra relationship warmth, thanks to sextiles to both the sun and passionate Mars. The watery moon helps you flow with any situation you encounter. Bedtime brings interesting dreams that are worth remembering on waking.

Daily Numerology


Things are being confirmed, dear! Today you can still influence events, structure your thoughts well and harvest the fruits of your efforts. Your family and friends will support you in the projects and new responsibilities that are yours. So don't make concessions and concentrate on your projects! This will be the moment to finish up a job or project...You will certainly have good results!


Bad Ass Bee, Queen bee 🐝