Deep Healing.

A fusion between emotions and deep healing. Everyone is more in tune with their deeper issues today. You might react to where they have suffered trauma from past events. Healing is possible but it must start with acceptance of what it is.


The enthusiastic morning Aries moon encourages your proactive participation. Adventure calls. Dare to answer! Slow your pace this afternoon as the moon aspects Mars. The latter is slightly wonky acclimating to Virgo, btw.

Walk on the wild side when Leo Venus and Virgo Mars are within four degrees of each other, conjoining in the near future, but not yet. Venus is assertive yet charming in her “come into my parlor said the spider to the fly” way. The poor “fly” (Mars) is no Virgin, but goodness (which may have nothing to do with it) knows what can happen.

Honi BeeComment