Depth of Feelings.

There is cooperation between emotions and deep regeneration. Everyone can be more easily in tune with their deeper needs or their compulsions. The level of depth to feelings is likely now as well as insight into the motivations of others. Healing is eventually possible.

Today, Mercury’s aspect with Neptune can bring confusion, inspiration, or both. It all depends on your relationship with reality versus wild jumbles of thoughts. In this light, make a list of even the most outrageous. Wait, and in the late afternoon, when the down-to-earth, realistic Taurus moon trines powerful purging and renewing Pluto, you enjoy a two-hour window in which to contemplate while focusing on what is worn out, dysfunctional, and unworkable. What you have left are remarkable innovations.

Tonight, the Taurus moon is gentle, patient, and void-of-course. It’s a gift of emotional resetting.

Honi BeeComment