Sensual Pleasures.

Mars & Venus join together in a sacred union. Very fluid and pure energy to go for what we want to in one area of our life. Wish from the heart. Talk about it, start doing. Sensual pleasures all weekend long.


Today offers a useful transit for seeing what the eye can’t reach. Mercury aspecting Pluto is like a scan that uncovers details hidden behind the information you receive. Curiosity is your friend. Your own curiosity leads you to what your intuition says you need to know. (Never underestimate the power of curiosity!)

Also, Venus conjoins Virgo Mars. Can you say “skewed”? Especially with Mercury and Pluto today. It’s compunction conjunction junction. Regrets, there have been a few. Everyone has them, and Venus (still refusing to give up her Lioness tiara), seems happy to point out all faults. Play nice.

Honi BeeComment