🌾♈Full Moon Aries♈🌾

🍇Plant Your Feet & Harvest🍇

Full moon takes a seat in Aries. With all flaming passion, the war god Mars ruling planet brings forth in companionship with this moon, imagine the commanding power stillness can provide. Yes we’re on go and there’s much to do but during this time lets allow the creativity associated with this fire utilize us as a vessel for ideas that can take our intentions to the next level. If not, burn out soon come. In fact, if we exercise the practice of stillness we may get an insightful glimpse of the universe at work for us in us and around us. Let the universe tap in for a go while we plant our feet. 

Keep in mind we have October’s Wheel of Fortune at play which can bring about fateful happenings regardless of our intended will. The task is mastering the hands we’re dealt. How do we best navigate the paradoxes of life to achieve harmony and balance? Again, Sensei Bruce Lee advises us to “be like water making its way through the cracks… adjust to the object and you shall find your way around or through it”. We can also apply this art to our intentions. Adjustment and adaptability are harvesting gems. “set patterns, incapable of adaptability, of pliability, only offer a better cage. Truth is outside of all patterns”.

Remember we are here to harvest. Aint nothin like the victory that comes from overcoming, powering through or surviving a hardship. This is why our subconscious calls to us what we interpret as “hardship” so we can taste the sweetness of triumph, and more importantly sharpen this mastery of self (the greatest harvest on this plane). Glory is a choice.

Keep in mind the impactful cosmic influences.

The sun and mercury inconjunct with Neptune as this placement can play tricks on our perception. We may perceive what we desire from others vs accepting what actually is. We may also perceive the worst in others from the illusions of paranoia.

The sun and the moon square Pluto will uproot all we have suppressed and buried deep down, all the fears, the trauma, the insecurities (Bat medicine will help) nude. The alchemist in us is required to transform this into evolving light.

Mars and Venus square Saturn calls us to exercise nurturing and patience in our intimate relationships. Everything is a process. Respect the process. Honor it.

The conjunction between Venus and Mars and their trines with Pluto ignite that fiery sexual desire and passion will towards our loved ones or desire for a loved one if we are lacking.

Uranus in opposition with Jupiter brings us the opportunity for the material harvest of our intentions with the paraxoding possibility of “losing it all by being selfish or greedy”. The rebel is ready to run free with drastic change. I implore you to exercise the wise pearls of responsibility to avoid self-imposed chaos. Balance

We all got options. What choices best suit your true, solid desires?

Full Moon Aries Ritual

Always Stay Sweet