🐂💫Super Full Moon Taurus Ritual💫🐂

We planted seeds for the new moon in Taurus months ago, now it’s time we harvest. Place yourself in position if not already to get what you want. We must know that we’re worthy to receive all that we desire. If you don’t know you are worth it ya won’t get it. Sensuality is a tool frequently used to both provide and gain one’s desire. We will tap in to seduce our will to our feet. You attract more bees with honey. 🍯🐝

🛠Brew Tools:

🌱- Your sexy (this can be ya birthday suit, some lingerie/boxers

🌱- Smudge tools: palo santo, worthy incense, jezebel root resin (on coal)

🌱- Mirror

🌱- Dirt

🌱- Dream journal

🌱- Bowl of water

🌱- Roses/autumn leaves

🌱- Rose oil

🌱- Candles (white, black, red)

🌱- Cowrie shells (5)

🌱- Cinnamon

🌱- honey

🌱- Red wine/cinnamon or spiced tea

🌱- Citrine/Topaz, Rose quartz, pyrite crystals

🌱- Morsel of food

🌱- Isis

🌱- Black salt

🌱- Pen & Paper


🕯1.  Put on your sexy. Smudge your sacred space (including yourself) with your palo santo and light your incense of worthy and/or other incense of the sort and/or Jezebel root resin. Put it in the wind.

🕯2.  As we begin our intentions through smudging we recite: “I offer this incense to the goddess Isis of divine love, the earth and the dead in whose name I honor my ancestors as well as the presence that accompanies them …..(pour libation in honor of your ancestors with water in your bowl) filling your processes of transformation with meaning and resurrecting goodness and love from them.”

🕯3.  Place your white candle to the left. Your black candle to the right and your red candle in front you, creating a pyramid grid. Dress your candles in rose oil, honey, a petal of rose, a dash of cinnamon, a pinch of dirt, 1 cowrie shell in each candle. Sprinkle your black salt clockwise around each candle.

🕯4.  Sit in silence and darkness for 11 minutes with deep breaths and your crystals in your right hand. Once done pick up your mirror before you for 5 minutes and then affirm with purposeful breath: “You are (I am) safe. You are (I am) love. You are (I am) desire. You are (I am) wealth. You are (I am) abundance. You are (I am) prosperity (whatever else you will to bring into your life). Thank you. Thank you for doing this”. Place your mirror in the center of your candle grid.

🕯5.  Once your 11 minutes have elapsed write down on a piece of paper what you intend to bring forth to your life as a declaration. This includes necessity, desire, feeling, etc… Place these intentions in the center of your candle grid on top of your mirror. Dress it with the same as you did your candles. Place your crystals and your 2 remaining cowrie shells on top of it. Sprinkle your black salt around it clockwise.

🕯6.  Light your candles (white, red, then black). As you light recite: “this flame symbolizes my awareness of the love that joins me with all, the divine kindness that accompanies and blesses us all. This presence is with my ancestors, guiding and assisting each one. See me through to merge my path of power”. Write on another piece of paper that which you wish to release. Once done burn it with the flame of the black candle.

🕯7.  Pour 2 glasses of wine (1 or self, 1 for sacred space). Toast and sip. Take your morsel of food (cake/pastry/other food of delight), a portion for self a portion for sacred space.

🕯8.  Place your bowl of water under your bed. Keep your dream journal in your bed. Sweet insightful dreams.

💎This ritual can be performed all at once and then in pieces up until the new moon. The meditation brews can be extended to the will of your spirit. Go deep. Ya diggin fah gold 💰

🤗Happy Manifesting🔮💫💜💜

Always Stay Sweet