The Universe Will Always Remove What Is No Longer Serving You.

Just let go. Let go of how you thought your life should be, and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness.
— Gabrielle Bernstein


The universe will always remove what is no longer serving you. It's okay breath, this is a good thing. There's a bigger picture here. You will notice the very second when somethings just doesn't seem right anymore, it's a feeling pay attention this is your body reacting to a shift. As we gradually evolve in our lives things change, people change, and feelings change too. It's called evolving or growing up for popular terms. It's very important for our spiritual growth to notice this shift. We have to make sure we're willing to go through the process. We have to make sure we are willing to simply say goodbye to what's no longer serving us. Only when you are ready to let go of that 'off' feeling you can remove the suffering of being stagnant. Make space for the new. 

Don't wait around for something to be removed from your life, remove it first. Waiting for something to be removed from your life can cause a lot of confusion, pain, and wasted time. We need to be proactive and recognize what no longer serves us and remove it ourselves. Don't hold onto things that are no longer good for you! Release the grip and allow the Universe to remove that which is no longer empowering. 

Yes! We must always strive to grow and improve, and once we have outgrown something, an exit will appear. Sometimes it will just be a nudged that it's time to elevate. Let go of that bad relationship, unhealthy friendships, junk foods, and jobs that don't fulfill our happiness. Let go and watch the magic happen! The Universe always has your back. You just need to work in alignment with your path. Let the universe give you exactly what you need. It gives us everything we need to grow. The universe got our backs. It will never fail you.

Take a moment and pay attention to what's going on around you. A shift can be happening at this very moment. Embrace this process of your evolution. 


Always stay sweet