A Flower Doesn't Compete It Just Blooms.

A woman in harmony with her spirits is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.
— Maya Angelou

B E   Y O U R S E L F

Be yourself because everyone else is taken. Discover your authentic self and set your soul free. Let your soul’s light shine forth with guidance. 


Most of us start our journey into consciousness the same way; by waking up to our authentic selves. Almost as if we were walking through life with a veil over our eyes, an event comes along that forces us to clear the debris and see what is truly there... the truth. 

When we're acting as ourselves who we truly are we're able to live our life purpose. When we become aware as to how we act, think and feel- when we practice mindfulness, we begin to bring a state of harmony into our lives. Life is a journey, we are constantly moving, shifting, changing and growing. 

Everything that is presented to us as our personal journey in our physical bodies in order for us to grow in consciousness. In other words, every experience held here on earth is moving us to become our authentic selves. 

To be your authentic self is being at its pure state, Universal Love. The Love that we were created from and the Love that we will return to.

When we're acting as our authentic self we aim to find meaning in everything we do and for the first time, we find meaning in the greater purpose for mankind and mother earth.

Our life purpose becomes clear and we realize that our life it's about love. To practice consciousness and to transcend, not for personal gains but for the betterment of this universe and the souls that inhabit it. When we start to tap into these thoughts, we realize that we are in charge of our lives. We realize that our thoughts create our reality. We realize that labels are just an illusion. We realize that we are the awareness behind our thoughts and not the thoughts themselves. We lose attachment to things, objects, and people and we start to see that everything and everyone are equal. We feel neither superior nor inferior to anyone because we see that at the end of the day, we are all one and the same. So be yourself because everyone else is taken and is on their own journey. Discover your authentic self and set your soul free. Let your soul’s light shine forth with guidance. 

Reflect on being your authentic self. Discover who you're truly meant to be.


Always stay sweet