Crystallized Bath for Self Care.

Sometimes it's extremely hard Adulting, from balancing our busy work lives, personal lives, and trying to maintain a healthy social life. It can be stressful. We’re left with little time or consideration for ourselves. 
Our busy-busy-busy culture has condition us to believe that taking time for ourselves is selfish. This is not healthy what-so-ever. Whether you want to take a break or not, your mind will make sure it gets one... so don't wait to honor yourself and restore.

Take care of yourself.  To enhance all areas of your life, from your work to your relationships, make time for this crystallized self-care routine at least once a week.

We love our Crystallized Bath Routine 

Timeframe: 30 minutes no more no less. 

A Crystallized Bath for Self Care

What you need:

a sage cleansing set to ensure the energy is clear
Rose Quartz – it can be a chunk of Raw Rose Quartz, a Rose Quartz stone or whatever you have in your collection
A candle White or Pink dependable upon your intention. 
White is for purification, healing, protection, and harmony. Pink is for universal love, emotional healing, and joy. 
Pink Kunzite crystal to open your heart and fill your being with self-love and acceptance.Stilbite crystal to open your sacral chakra and reestablish your connection with passion and pleasure. Raw Morganite crystal to heal and balance your overall body.

Clear and cleanse the energy of your bathroom, yourself and your crystals with the smoke of a burning sage stick.
On the edge of your bathtub, or next to your sink, place your rose quartz next to your candle, for the extremes place rose quartz inside your bath water. Light your candle with the intention that you are allowing yourself 30 minutes for self-care, self-love, and self-pampering. Fill your bath. Add any other things to personalize your bath (essential oils, bath salts, calming music etc). Before you get in your bath, grab your Kunzite, Stilbite, and Morganite, and place them on the edge of your tub so they are easily accessible. (You can also do this ritual with just one of these crystals if you’d like, but we find the best results with all three!) 

Place your Stilbite over your sacral chakra, your Kunzite over your heart chakra and your Morganite in your right hand. Stilbite opens up your creative energy, passion, and pleasure, reconnecting you to all these things. It helps you to let go of past conditioning and transform into a habit of allowing yourself to take care of yourself. It encourages you to shift to making caring for yourself a passionate part of your life, one where self-care is the new norm. Kunzite is a stone of emotion. It helps you to open up, heal and honor your feelings. When you completely open your sacral chakra of pleasure and your heart chakra of love, it helps you to feel more passionate and loving for not only others but yourself, which is of vital importance.

Morganite is very healing and balancing for the overall body. It reflects the light of the heart, infusing your energy body with love and light.

Close your eyes, and allow yourself to relax.
Soak in your bath for 3o minutes. Take this time to reflect on how to take better care of yourself. The more you take care of yourself, the more you have to give to others. Once you’ve finished your bath, cleanse your crystals so they are ready for your next self-care routine.

Always stay sweet 



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