Feeling some negative vibes? Smudge it Away!

Smudging is a critical first step in any sacred ritual, as well as an important way to complete and seal sacred work. This ancient practice clears low vibrations and stuck energies. I smudge daily to purify my sacred space before ritual, ceremony, or meditation. Burning sacred herbs and resins is perhaps the most time-tested method for energetically (and sometimes physically) cleansing a space. For millennia, our ancestors have believed that sacred smoke raises vibrations and assists with magic. So when we smudge today, we also connect with our lineage in a powerful way.

Feeling some negative vibes? You may be overdue for a little cleansing ceremony. For ages, global cultures have been burning herbs and resins to purify themselves and their surroundings. Native Americans have been burning bundles of dried sage, while indigenous South American tribes are known for burning sticks of Palo Santo. The smudging ritual has been used by different cultures around the world for decades, using sacred plants from mother earth for healing. Smudging your space or yourself cleanses, rebalances and opens fresh energy and good spirits into your life. Smudge yourself or your surroundings as often as once weekly, or as needed. 

How To Smudge

To smudge, light the end of the sage bundle or palo santo stick, letting it catch fire. Blow out the flame and let it smolder. Walk around your home thinking new, clean and positive thoughts while spreading the smoke in every room and corner. The use of a fan can help spread the smoke or choose to leave your smudge stick in a bowl to fill the room.

Focus on your intent:
 Focus intently on what it is you want to accomplish for your smudging ritual or ceremony. Visualize it cleansing you, your home, your workplace, etc. of all the negative energies or entities that are unwanted. Also be sure to speak your prayer or verse with conviction.

Smudging yourself: 
Fan the swirls of smoke around your body from head to toe with your hands or fan/feather. You may want to focus especially on areas where you feel there are blockages or where there is or has been a physical or emotional pain. Visualize the smoke lifting away all the negative thoughts, emotions, and energies that have attached themselves to you. 

Smudging a room or space: 
For cleansing a house, offer the smoke to the four directions outside the house first. Typically people start with the east, then move south, then go west, and end north. Then, start in the lowest level inside your house, and walk the perimeter with your lit smudge, giving special attention to the corners and the places behind doors. Work your way up to the highest level in the house. 

Cleansing objects: 
If you want to cleanse any object using lit smudging ingredients, simply hold them over the smoke for about a minute or two, and that is all that is needed.

Always Be Prepared: 
Clean the area to be smudged. It always helps to dust, vacuum, and put away clothes, toys, and other items. Wear or hold an item of protection such an amulet, talisman, or gemstone. A quartz stone is an excellent option as these stones absorb negative energy.

Extinguishing the smudge: 
You can douse your lit smudging ingredients by placing them under a running faucet. Smudge sticks can easily be put out in an ashtray like a cigarette

A Few More Things...

Make sure that the space you are smudging has windows or some other means for the smoke to escape. Never leave burning smudge unattended.
Place some sand, soil, or even salt in the bottom of the container you are using to help extinguish all ashes.

Always stay sweet 



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