Unconditional Love.

We are like two trees that stand apart but close together; we have roots that dig deep in common soil and obtain nutrition from it, the common soil being our earthly experiences, our immersion in society and in our genetic background. Our trunks extend straight upward, side by side but separately, and our branches intertwine as we exchange with each other and nourish each other; our leaves are extended upward into the stratosphere, to welcome the sun and its energies, receiving from it and spreading forth our own emanations, higher and higher as we ascend. Our growth is in terms of our mutual nourishment. Our trunks grow as we stand in close proximity and exercise our deep perception of each other; while our branches intertwine...... If I’m good then you’re good. Unconditional love when I’m loving your part of me. That’s eternity. Yes God 🙏🏾.
— @dejaneefennell Instagram Post




Unconditional love is an overwhelming feeling of the universal love that we are. Once we experience this beloved energy it awakens in our being as the natural state. The incredible full-body bliss that we feel is us.  This is just only a taste of the delicious love that we are made of. It's a bit of a tease to the infinite LOVE we really are.

Blissful love is our natural state. Harmony is our real state. An unbearable longing that we feel for that beloved energy is the same longing to get back to paradise; our natural state. It is the overwhelming desire to heal all the discordant separation in us; all of the conflict and sufferings so that we can return to total LOVE.

Sometimes it's challenging to take the time to heal the discordant separation in us. Sometimes our challenges can involve past life/lives wounds and inner child wounds that are buried deep within our subconscious. In a future post, we'll discuss more on this topic. It's so deep.  

Seeking that beloved energy will help us get back to your natural state and our real self, which is total peace, freedom, joy and unconditional LOVE. That's what we're aiming to become; universal love. 

At the end of the day, our romantic connection is pushing us to remember how unconditionally loved we are & how unconditionally loving we are. When we have removed our suffering and begun anew, we will feel powerful enough to give love to everything that tells us otherwise. We will know that we have become our true self in human form – so incredibly magnificent with infinite LOVE!!! What a miraculous accomplishment!!!

Always stay sweet