"She transforms her own dark into her own light. She sees her private shadows- and loves them. She meets her emotional depths- and owns it. She faces her private fears of separation- and rises above the illusion. She is the Source of herself and she is always in a state of greater becoming."

Pink Full Moon In Libra, named after pink flowers which bloom in spring. This moon represents new beginnings. Universal energies have definitely been moving fast these last few months, but after the April Full Moon, things are going to start slowing down. The last few months have been all about setting goals and dreaming big. The universe has been asking you to get clear about what you want, and about what you want the rest of the year to look and feel like. Now, however, the time has come to turn your attention onto others and onto your greater global mission. How can you serve the world? How can you benefit others? There's is no right or wrong answer here. In fact, the best way to serve others and the world is by being true to your authentic self. In order to be true to your authentic self, you first have to love yourself. It is only when you love and accept yourself wholeheartedly, that you know who you really are. And when you know who you really are, that is when you can be of the greatest service to the world..........

Always stay sweet