MOON JUICE: Beauty, Sex, & Sprit Dust.

We're Obsessed with MOON JUICE DUSTS

We tried Beauty, Sex, & Spirit Dust!


We're so thrilled we find out about Moon Juice incredible Dust products! Moon Juice is a break through in the healthy food movement. Moon Juice products not only omit unhealthy inflammation-causing ingredients like processed sugar, dairy and gluten but they add in vitamin and mineral rich whole foods, herbs, and natural adaptogens that are so often missing from our daily plates. Moon Juice offers a whole new way to eat and live.

There’s a lot of stigma around healthy eating today. Whether we should be drinking and eating kale, doing HIIT or giving up everything under the sun, there’s a huge commitment involved. Adding a little Moon Juice dust to help us become more healthy,  beautiful and brainy sounds amazing and worth the try.  So we tried it and we loved it!!!

Beauty dust: Get glowy skin, shiny hair, and twinkling eyes from the inside out with this alchemic combination of goji, pearl, rehmannia and other botanicals designed to preserve youthfulness, as well as fortify and tone all over.

Sex Dust: Ignite and excite your sexy energy in and out of the bedroom. A holistic approach to deeply nourished sexual vigor, this warming elixir sends waves of sensitivity and power to all the right places. "WE LOVE"

Spirit Dust: Help you unwind, expand peaceful awareness and align with bliss.

You can use this product by adding it to nut milk, coffee, tea, hot or cold water or blend into your favorite smoothie. 

Always stay sweet