Taurus New Moon.

New Moon Prayer 

"Under the new moon, I am grateful for a new start. As I heal and cleanse myself of the past. I grow by new light that shines upon me. I will stay on this path of growth until I reach my maximum potential. I am certain in my heart. That I will get there. I am with the moon. So trust, as above, so below." 

Bring on the impossible... BELIEVE 


Happy Taurus New Moon  🌑

"This is a brand new story.This is a brand new day.This is a brand new moment in time. To explore in a brand new way."

Taurus loves stability and grounding, so take this time to cultivate a sense of grounding. A new moon is a perfect time to set intentions about what you want to cultivate as we're moving towards the light of the next Full Moon.

The intensity of the retrogrades, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, has completely rocked our world back and forth so we're looking forward to some stability and steadiness. Things have been moving so fast that this New Moon is a great moment to ground yourself, connect and breathe. 

New moon, new surface, new balance, new doors.  The moon will be 0-1% visible tonight. It is also the first supermoon of this year. Take this time to set new goals and reconnect with Mother Earth. Because this is a Moon in Taurus, which is an Earth sign guided by Venus (planet of love) practice self-love, fulfillment, and groundedness. New moons are a magical time for manifestations, declare yours tonight!

Always stay sweet