Cancer Super Moon

New Super Moon in Cancer 🦀


The NEW MOON occurs on Friday, June 23, 2017,

7:31 PM PST.


I  feel way more affected by New Moons than I do Full Moons. I feel a greater impact and I'm much more in tune to the changes and am aware of the start of a new beginning; and the fact this is a Super New Moon means there is a BIG shift and a huge opportunity, like an enormous realisation about your life and a decision about where you want to be heading. Cancers home is with the moon, making this a very feminine, watery, intuitive time and you will feel a calming, nourishing, peaceful effect of this New Moon. The Solstice having just occurred, combined with this Super New Moon creates a potent solar and lunar energy that amplify our need to follow our hearts, take that leap of faith, and start something new. Use tonight to recharge and set your intentions, ready for this new adventure in your life.

Rather than bringing feelings to the surface, this moon submerges us deep into our feelings.

The first thing to know is that you're safe here. And everyone around you is swimming in the same waters. We're all a bit more empathic right now so this is a good time to speak your heart and be heard. It can be really scary, but it is safe to be heard.

We often try to protect our deep tender feelings by strategizing ways to act to get approval, to show the "right" emotional response to get the reaction we desire rather than whatever we're actually feeling. But every time we use this strategy, we're putting distance between ourselves and the people we're trying to connect with.

Another way we protect our emotions is by not being present, specifically in dwelling in nostalgia. We always have these memories to visit, but when we compare the present to the past too much, thinking that the best times are gone, then we're closed off to present possibilities. It can seem safe and comfortable to be checked out, but it's not doing us any favors.

As we learn to roll with the discomfort of being seen, we can let go of strategies and distractions. We can be more present and more ourselves. This practice of being open is pointing us toward ways we can connect on a bigger scale. The invitation is to act on our empathy. When you feel connected and in tune with all of your fellow humans, you want to keep them safe and help them thrive. So be heard, keep calling your representatives. Show up to local community meetings, volunteer, donate, be kind. Let your feelings be a motivation for connection, rather than an excuse for isolation.

Always stay sweet