Weekly Scope July 19 - July 21st


The week starts with a super charged square off between Mars in Cancer and Uranus in Aries. This electrifying aspect can be the perfect time to jump start any innovative home projects. You may have to watch your temper around the house and family because you are feeling a bit territorial. Later in the week Mars and the Sun enter Leo and your fifth house illuminating your zodiac's stage. You will naturally exude more magnetism, attracting all kinds of attention. People will listen when you speak. A blast of creative energy ignites a fire within you. We have a New Moon in Leo giving your fifth house, even more, fun, and passion. With all this Solar energy illuminating the fifth house it is impossible to keep things in the dark. Secrets might be exposed and nothing stays hidden. Start focusing on New Moon intentions for the rest of the month. New Moons are about new beginnings and planting new seeds so stay open and ready to receive special flowers coming your way. 



The beginning of the week is a little hectic with Mars and Uranus squaring off. Nothing you can't handle patient Taurus, stand your ground and be firm. Everyone knows how stubborn you can be, so if any barriers stand the way of you completing projects just stay call for now. Some projects might require a bit of self-sacrifice. On Thursday, Mars enters Leo and your home and family sector. Time to gather the kindling for that earthy fireplace buy some candles and make your home a place of warmth and passion. On Saturday the Sun follows Mars into Leo and your home and family life get lit up even more. With Mercury sitting next door, there could be some exposure and news circles around the domestic arena. Could someone be having a baby !!! Leo rules our creations, creative projects but also children and sitting in the fourth house which symbolizes the mother, the womb. Don't be surprised if Mercury the messenger has got some special news.  New Moon in Leo on Sunday, so start nurturing the seeds being planted for the next cycle.



The week started with Uranus squaring Mars. It's possible that you fell into some disagreements with people that share the same interests or belong to the same organization. Don't let it affect your self-worth since Sun Mars are in your house of personal values and security. Lighten up because on Thursday Mars enters Leo and in your social butterfly circle.  yourself with people who you trust. You will be spending lots of time around friends, siblings, or even neighbors engaging in social activities which are exactly how you like it. Right Gemini? The Sun comes into Leo on Saturday illuminating, even more, this chatty, busy bee part of your chart. It's possible someone tells you something about someone which you have to keep secret but you end up blabbing about anyway. Be careful who you talk to and choose to speak about certain things with people who you trust. You could get to go on a trip or family outing invited by friends. Take the opportunity to and go on an adventure. On Sunday the New Moon in Leo sparks up the arena, allowing you to give birth to something that really resonates with you so can speak your truth. 



Soak up the last bit of energy from the Sun and Mars in your sign at the beginning of the week and bask in their glory. Uranus in your career sector will be squaring Mars, which could bring about some significant changes in the professional sphere. Changes could arise from an interaction with a powerful person, which could alter your social status, your career or professional life. On Thursday Mars move into Leo in your house of personal values and security which is ruled by Venus. Giving you the energy to get that money! On Saturday the Sun follows Mars illuminating that sector even more. It's possible that you may receive a bonus or special privileges. On Sunday the new moon in Leo illuminates gives birth to something truly beautiful. Grasp and take hold of the gifts you will be receiving. Allow yourself to make intentions which make you feel valued and secure. 



This week starts with Mars and Uranus in Cancer butting heads in your twelfth house it's possible that something's gotta give, dear lion. Life is about making choices sometimes you have to make sacrifices in order to receive your blessings. On Thursday Mars enters your sign filling you with fiery passion and energy. Then, on Saturday, the Sun also comes into your sign making you feel like the true king of the jungle. What lessons did you learn this past few month ? Try to you do a retrospect of everything that's happened during the last cycle so you can enter Leo season feeling whole and complete. On Sunday the New Moon in Leo is also there to let you know you are shining star! It's your time to roar, live it up, be romantic, and be seen. This is your season Leo with Mars Sun and in your, it's all happening in the Solar first house of appearance so if you want to change your look this there couldn't be a better time!! Have an amazing birth season Leo!!



This week begins with an energetic aspect between Mars and Uranus. This could really bring up some important issues or change the playing field for you regarding financing for projects and organizations. It possible that conflicts may arise involving the people in your organization or community. On Thursday, Mars enters Leo house in your twelfth house giving you a boost of unconditional love and energy to work on yourself. It's time to heal past wounds. It's possible you may receive a message through your dreams. Someone from a past life telling you about an unresolved issue. Keep a dream journal some you can remember that message in order to heal and have closure. On Saturday the Sun also enters really shining a light in the background of your dark corners and all those hidden issues. Your true purpose may be revealed to you through an unusual messenger. This message could be life changing so be prepared. This is not the time to begin any big projects. Get involved in meditation, maybe do some inner child and shadow work. Therapists and healers could help you work through some of these issues. On Sunday the New Moon in Leo will also help with the healing but could also bring up some emotional baggage. Try to set intentions that are truly in line with your higher purpose. Service to others is your thing but chose yourself this time Virgo. 



On Monday, July 17th, Uranus in Aries squares Mars in Cancer. Some agitation or troubles in your business dealing could arise. Business partners can't seem to agree on certain issues. Not to worry to my mid week you should be able to get things under control. On Thursday Mars enters Leo allowing you to be more cooperative, all about teamwork and working together to achieve positive results. On Saturday, the Sun follows Mars into Leo illuminating the 11th house even more. Expect to be the leader of the pack during this cycle. New things are coming your way and it's time to delegate, send important emails to your partners, political circles, and humanitarian organizations. On Sunday, the New Moon in Leo will also shine its light on this sector of your chart. Prepare to begin new projects. Find an organization which suits you interest share and volunteer. Begin a group to defend a cause you believe in which means something to you. There is a big chance you will find you're calling within these realms. Set your intentions high and watch them manifest. 



This is a week, starts off with a lot of activities and action. Uranus in Aries squares off with Mars in Cancer in your brilliant 9th house of higher learning. You may experience a lot of action involving some long distance travel plans. You are eager for more freedom to get away from your daily routine. You want to learn more about philosophical issues. It's possible you have been taking some specialization courses. On Thursday, Mars goes into Leo in your 10th house of Career and ambition. Saturday, the Sun also goes into Leo in the same sector. This will be an active cycle in revolving around your business ventures. You will find a new opportunity at every corner. Take advantage of this, reach for the stars and dream big!! Take every opportunity you get! On Sunday, the New Moon in Leo strikes up also in your ambitious tenth house. This moment is all about important connections, high rollers, and important business deals. Begin working on your projects and expect great success!



The beginning of the week has you feeling a little bogged down with pressure hoping to resolve some pending family issues involving money. Sun and Mars are in your 8th house of shared assets, sexuality and rebirth hitting a square with Uranus in your fifth house of your creations your children, impeding you from having fun and romance. Not to worry on the 20th things will begin to come into focus when Mars moves into Leo in your 9th house of long distance travel and expansion. This could be the backdrop for interesting higher education course somewhere abroad which could really bring in New developments in your life. On Saturday the Sun also goes into Leo really busting in the light into this sector of your chart. Expect to receive important news from someone who lives abroad. Or a long distance relationship may begin. On Sunday the New Moon in Leo illuminates the 9th house as well and has you reaching for the stars. If you take advantage of this energy you can pull yourself out of your daily routine and enjoy a change of scenery. You have the courage and the motivation to make important changes in your life now! 



Your efforts to please your business partners and your ability to fulfill responsibilities to key partnerships in your life are at a peak especially in the beginning of the week. A square off between Uranus in your 4th house of domestic affairs and Mars in your house of partnerships have you working really hard to make someone happy. Try not to bring your work home with you this could really affect your relationship. On Thursday Mars moves into your 8th house of sexuality, shared assets, and rebirth. You are more motivated to get results more energy in all your endeavors. Use this energy to find out what you really enjoy doing and do it more often! On Saturday the Sun illuminates the 8th house as well, so it's possible you may receive news about an inheritance or money coming from somewhere unexpected. Sunday the New moon in Leo signal the beginnings of real change. Let it stimulate you in a positive light. Have courage and chase this momentum. You have a lot of power coming from deep within. Be careful not to run people over with the power you wield now. Set intentions which are in line with your higher purpose. 



Mars and Uranus square off in the beginning of the week affecting your communication center. There may be some erratic communications with key people in your life. Try not to get too upset because Later in the week the bright shining Sun, and Mars, the planet of action, line up in your relationship sector. Expect to have lot's of activity revolving partners, business deals all of this filling up your agenda. Your business partner might bring you some important news or your romantic partner could have important information to share with you. Either way, keep an open mind because it could be something new that could change things up a bit. The New Moon in Leo happens in the same area on Sunday. This will motivate you to take action, begin new projects and help you reach your goals. If you are not already in a relationship you may feel stimulated to start a new romantic adventure. Stay alert to life's signal and your heart opens what you seek might also be seeking you. 



The weeks heads off with strong action coming from a square off between Mars in your 5th house of creativity and romance and Uranus throwing some lightning bolts your way. Expect a lot of activity in your love life or maybe with a pet project you are working on. Conflicts could arise involving your children. Later in the week Mars and the Sun are entering your 6th house of work and health. Organize your papers, make doctors appointments and focus on your daily routine. It's time to buckle down and get to work. If you are out of work this could be the time to go job hunting. You could really benefit from this energy and find some time that not only pays well but you enjoy as well. The New Moon in Leo also occurs in this same sector of your giving you a burst of new life. There could be a total recall to your daily routine and health! This could really be a fresh start for you with more energy and vitality. Your habits and ways of caring for your self-care changing. It will be extremely rewarding to improve your self-care and organizational skills. Start a new workout schedule. Find a diet plan that really works for you. Sun and Mars are powerful, action oriented, Yang energies, so this could be the moment you make a significant proactive change !! Take initiative! 

Always Stay Sweet 


 Lumini Lux 💕