Leo New Moon.

A New Moon in Leo Arises 

Sunday, July 23, 2017
2:46 am PDT– 5:46 am EDT
  1 degrees Leo

Meditate and focus on diving deep
to connect with the divine with questions
to assist in creating some new magic in your life!

What new magical ways can I align with the Source,
my inner Goddess and Spirit Guides?


New moons occur when Earth is directly in between sun and moon- a sense of alignment. New moons, in the all spiritual and mystic dimension are also a time for alignment; a time for one to align with source energy, a divine sort of being and alignment. New moons begin a cycle. A cycle in which the moon travels through time, evolving to a fuller state of being. One can take advantage and float with this divine energy: setting intentions (to move forward, to move the past, to cultivate, etc.), have a ritual of some sort (writing these intentions, thoughts, desires- maybe even light a candle *white brings about purity!* maybe even burn that writing afterward, leaving it to divine order..  or keep it and stuff it in a vision/inspo board, planner, wallet), clean space (making room for here and now). Allowing these thoughts, ideas, energy into your conscious mind will bring acknowledgment, thus allowing the subconscious mind to remain aware- slowly manifesting desires, a path, your story. Don’t be afraid to let soul speak. Life, source energy, this greater power/self/entity, this reason for you, it will listen. Make it listen to action, passion, truth- vibrate so fucking high that Source Energy can’t stand but listen. Shine your light, for beauty, can be found, even, in darkness. See you at the full moon. 


Speak from your Heart

Expand your Creativity 

Be Creative

Be Courageous 

Stand in your Power

Take Action

Be Assertive 

Have Fun

New Moon Affirmation

"I live in a state of grace, peace, unity, and love, and for this, I give great thanks.....while wishing the same for you"

Always Stay Sweet 


Yani & DeJaneé


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