Shade No More: Banish Jealous Psychic Attacks

An Oil Bath To Banish The Effects Of A Nasty Personal Attack On Your Integrity Or Lifestyle Prompted By Resentment Or Jealousy 

A psychic attack is when someone sends their energy to you in a way that creates an unpleasant effect upon you. When one person sends their energy to another person and their energy, affects the other person in a detrimental way – this is a psychic attack.

(This can be negative thoughts about you. Being a Highly Sensitive Empath I feel a lot of people negative ill towards me. I had to learn methods to protect my energy sphere from jealousy) 


You will need:

Lavender or rose essential oil or Moroccan argan oil bath product.


The evening after the attack. 

The Spell:

*To a bath of warm water, add six to nine drops of essential oil or your usual amount of the oil product.

* Swirl the water in both directions alternatively nine times, saying nine times: "Wash from me this burden of unfairness, injustice, and iniquity, that I may once more see my worth, integrity, and beauty."

*As you sit in the water, make crosses on the surface of the water and clear each with your hands, saying as a continuous chant: "I uncross this iniquity, that it may flow away and only blessing stay."

*Swirl circles of the warm water all around you, saying continuously: "I have banished unjust strife and iniquity from my life. Only blessings remain and I am free again."

*Get out of the bath, take out the plug, and afterward rinse out the bathtub with cold water. 


Always Stay Sweet 


DeJaneé 💕