Weekly Scope July 31th - August 5th

This week really rings in the New Leo season with Sun and Mars in Leo, bringing forth our self-worth, creativity, and potential, for great prosperity.

If you have projects they should be handled before the 12th when Mercury begins his retrograde period. We have Uranus and Saturn going into retrograde meaning our individuality, pioneering spirit and karmic life lessons will be going under for evaluation. Then we have the full moon and lunar eclipse in Aquarius on the 7th. Let's think about what intentions were planted during New Moon. Intentions will begin to blossom now!! Good luck!!


Your romantic, creative, pleasure-seeking vibes continue throughout the week. Also a good week for investments, changing your look and intriguing the opposite sex. This week also favours traveling abroad, specialization courses, and adventurous philosophical pursuits. far travel, media and cultural pursuits. All week you are  quite magnetic, attracting all kinds of attention! Complete projects at the beginning of the week before mercury starts its retrograde period on the 12th. In Tuesday Uranus is retrograde, in your sign allowing a break from all the changes going on your life. You might even be in the process of redesigning some aspect of your personality and how you enjoy life's pursuits. Gain freedom through your independence using your new found charm Aries. 



Your focus remains on your domestic affairs this week Taurus. Creating stable foundations for yourself and family is your main concern now! Be gentle, with yourself as you tend to be unconsciously rough in your dealings. Take care, when an argument or problems arises in your close relationships. Try to place the focus outside of yourself and not be the center of attention all the time, be sensitive to other feelings and needs. Overall these next few days will be easy and pleasant with social events, and parties which might take place in your home. Monday begins with, light, casual friendships. Love or pleasure might draw you away from your goals this week. There could be successful private dealings as well this week. An investment could occur as well which could lead to you owning your own business or property. Work, and health take lead for now, but not for long. Complete projects rather than starting new before mercury starts its retrograde period on the 12th.



Communications, casual acquaintances, neighbors fill up your week. Your busy bee period continues as your third house is continues to be highlighted Gemini. Try to complete any projects and chores now as mercury retrograde looms over next week. There may be a much needed slow down Try to focus on your work, and to do lists on Monday! If you’re in love communicate these romantic feeling it's likely they will be reciprocated. Express yourself through your sincerity and charm. Thursday through Saturday may bring about some heavy feelings, sexual urges, and deep probing into more complex issues. This is NOT a good time to invest your money! 




Time to bring in that money !! Really focus on adding to your bank accounts this week it seems you have a lucky streak in buisness matters. You can really increase your earnings now and add to your possessions. You are in an especially lucky year to buy real estate, and the best luck begins after this Friday. You possess natural charm and carisma now sobuse this to your advantage. You might even be in the midst of a hot and sensual love affair. You are especially romantic and creative as the week begins finding beauty, and pleasure in your endeavors. Finish up projects before Mercury retrograde season begins next week. Complete outstanding tasks, resolve any issues as next week will be a slow down period lasting to September 5th. 



Move over everyone Leo season has arrived! This is an extremely vibrant and shining moment for you as your determination, sex appeal, energy, and vibes you are giving off at their best. You can really impress others now!! You may receive important legal advice, and higher educating endeavors are highlighted for you this week. You are making plans to travel abroad, or investing on a publishing your ideas. Be wise, handle your opportunities with a business oriented approach. Monday steers you toward home, and family, life as you may also be hoping to improve your nutrition. Romance and love packed days are definitely in the cards now and if you’re already married, this could be a good time to rekindle the flames. Try to finish up any project this week before mercury retrograde season next week. However, don’t invest before Wed. Friday, highlights short distance travel, and communications especially if pleasure or love are involved. Happy Birthday lions!!



This will be a quiet time for you dear virgo. Your private life dreams and endings sector gets highlighted all month but this week especially. You might take up some much needed rest from your busy schedule now. Finish up last minute details and on going projects before mercury retrograde season begins next week running into September. Tie up loose ends and organize paperwork. The next few days offer fairly good investment opportunities. Open the door to your imagination now and unconditional love as you are especially intuitive and sensitive right now. 




Find your true balance in love this week libra. An especially a romantic week ahead but try not to tip the scales. Do not focus all your energy in your love life, assume some responsibility in the work arena as well. Your luck is afoot when it comes to public dealings, in love and buisness partnerships. You could really surprise yourself now with how your magnetism attracts the right kind of people to you. Now is the time to reach for the stars in every aspect with Jupiter gracing your sign. Try to complete any projects before Mercury retrograde season begins next week. But you are very Positive now and the future seems bright. Gambling can be dangerous but if bet on your ideas now they are likely to flourish. You can lead a group in a humanitarian mission now. It's likely people will follow your lead.




Career and business are still in focus for you this week scorpio as Mars and the Sun grace your career and public office and reputation sector. With these guys backing you up there's a big chance to get ahead. Your reputation shines now, and there's real ambition, behind your actions. Your motivation gets people to notice you. Your talents, and abilities can get you very far. Try to finish up last minute details before the week is over and Mercury retrograde season begins next week. Remember this is about shaping the building blocks to a solid foundation in your life path. Your relationship with key authority figures can evolve into something important. Venus graces your eighth house during this cycle, so it's possible to gain financially through others. You may receive money through other people or partners. Your approach with others is gracious and diplomatic which could help achieve what you want concerning the power, finances, and shared assets. Keep up the hard work scorpio. 




Sun and Mars have been gracing your expansive 9th house, so reach for the stars Sag! You are more adventurous and than any other time this year. Leap into the unknown and go in search of knowledge. You love to explore the meaning of philosophical concepts and now more than ever is the time to do so. Go on an expedition, discover new worlds, anything that broadens your horizons. You could be considering vacation, making long distance travel plans. Venus is in your 7th house of relationships and diplomatic arrangements, but try to finish up buisness deals before next week, as Mercury retrograde season is upon us. You are in your true element now, so really try to enjoy the freedom. 




You have been turning a new leaf in all aspects of your life Capricorn while Pluto is in your sign. Now more than ever your will be revamping yourself. You feel life you have been literally rising from the ashes, and with the Sun and Mars in your powerful 8th house this will really come into focus for you. You are keen on investigating what is underneath the surface. You are interested in uncovering the truth about matters and other people's money, sexuality, death and rebirth seem important to you. You have strong emotions now and you don't want to deal with them superficially. Your daily routine, health, and diet could really be changing and getting a make over. Venus in the industrious 6th house with help you do that. Your work schedule could be going  through changes as well. It's possible you are expressing yourself very intensely. Remember that you hold all the power over yourself, so dig deep and find out what aligns with your purpose!!




Relationships are still your focus this week Aquarius! Possible negotiations, litigation, signing of contracts are in the cards for you. Possible buisness alliances could be formed. If you see an open doorway, it's time to enter. It's time to co-operate, join groups and be interconnected. People you thought were against you could turn a into a friend. Your efforts could result in an influx of money. Your popularity, optimism rise, dreams of the future, and good luck arrive on Tuesday. Great time for connecting, communicating, or even partnering because Sun and Mars, are aligned in your 7th house of relationships. This could also bring stimulation to a standing relationship. There's a chance it will be quite a romantic, passionate time for you. Venus transits your 6th house of daily routine, you could possibly find a new job, diet plan, organization method  that really works out for you. There is potential for some true motivation in your relationships now. Show your true colors and you will get noticed by others. It's very possible you may have a deep meaningful conversation with a buisness or romantic partner, regarding sharing of power, and finances. Intimate relationships are your focus now open your heart and mind to them. 




Mars and the Sun still transit your organized 6th house. Your confidence is high when comes to everyday matters like work and health. Being of service to others really pays off. You are really enjoying time at home organizing your home and family life paying attention to the simple pleasures in your world. You may be a little perfectionist now, paying attention to details and order of things. Try not to get caught up in this. Don't worry so much about getting it right jut have fun doing it. Taking care of your body and mind is a big focus for you now. Your job can be intense, and there might be a raise or bonus for you. Your efforts can bring money and success with co-workers. Your popularity rises as well. You might have to make a choice involving your social circle and finances on Friday. Complete tasks this week, before Mercury retrograde season begins next week.

Always Stay Sweet 


 Lumini Lux 💕