Weekly Scope August 14th - August 21st

There is a tendency for ups and downs this week when Venus opposes Pluto on Monday and Tuesday, creating compulsory attachments and obsessive behavior in relationships. 

Venus forms a square to Jupiter on Wednesday and Thursday, exaggerating our expectations from others, whims are expanding making us unreliable. This not the ideal week for relationships, and let's not forget that Mercury is Retrograde. The tendency is to go overboard or take things personally. Fears of being left out or rejected loom the atmosphere. My advice for this week is the things slow. Don't put to much stock on unwanted negative emotions. Try to keep things light. Eclipse on the 21st will bring things up that need to be looked at. Endings and beginnings, unexpected events pop out of the blue. Keep on shining love you.! 

Aries ♈️

You might be feeling a little bogged down around the 14-16, you may be juggling many things at once feeling like there is just too much on your plate darling Aries. Your career, social position, and reputation are putting a lot of pressure on you right now. Time to be a team player, if you don't think you can at least pretend you are for now. Do it until you believe in your actions. Jupiter-Pluto square forms for the last time on August 4th, accentuating your need to exert your beliefs. Remember we're all unique and entitled to our beliefs and choices and have the ability to coexist. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st brings in waves of high vibes for you to surf. Blasts of creative energy flowing into your soul. You might begin a heartfelt project or romantic relationships. These are a sequence of eclipses that denote beginnings and endings. Heightened emotions or a culmination of feelings you are keeping in are all rising to the surface. Time to let go and embrace the changes. 

Taurus ♉️

There is a feeling of discontent and resentment this week Taurus especially around 14-16. You have a tendency to be manipulative now, and may be playing games with people to get your way. You are trying to hard and being way too controlling. People around you are getting annoyed. All this energy for nothing leaves you tired and stressed. Attempts to over-manage your life can only lead to stress. Try to find more companionate ways to deal with people. It is not all about you! Time to boost that self-esteem and create more confidence. Your ego has been in the driver's seat for awhile and it's time to let go. With the Solar eclipse on the 21st, you have a cosmic push to start over, especially with family in the domestic sphere. Be more present and empathetic to loved ones and make these positive changes in your personal life. This is definitely going to make you feel better about yourself. Raise your vibrations by helping others, be part of a humanitarian project, join a charity, or raise for a fund for less advantaged. Taurus is capable of planing ahead and managing their time, routines more rewarding now. This is an excellent period for fitness and health programs. You may be dealing with financial issues, debts, and taxes now, but after Mercury's retrograde to make any money moves. Breath and do what you do best be patient with yourself and others. 

Gemini ♊️

Dearest Gemini your ideas are strong now especially, around the 14-16, there may issue surrounding respect and self-worth. Being honest and true to yourself is something you can strive for which will help out in a difficult situation. You may get frustrated with someone special in your life, codependency can be an issue. If you've been overly attached to someone, feeding a possible breakup this is a time for changes with a Solar Eclipse on the 21st. Relationships are very complex but if learn to listen and compromise there is a possible chance you will discover amazing things about yourself and the world. Let yourself be inspired to do new things, learn a new skill. There can be a new friendship, project, or community endeavor on the horizon. The Jupiter-Pluto square on the fourth may have you struggling with power and relationship dynamics. You are moving into a more relaxed and chill moment. Take it easy ridding Mercury's retrograde, he is your ruler. 

Cancer ♋️

Emotions run high dearest Cancer loves and tension with your loved ones are rising to the light. Don't let your partner stop you from being who you are. Keep up the hard work, this is an important time for you to excel. Let your feeling be known, or try to show a good face using humor and be kind. Make sure to enjoy everything life offers you. You may be feeling extra sensitive now as intense emotions bubble up inside you. Be patient and try to learn from the complex moments that arise. You can learn a lot about yourself through others. Don't worry so much about these complicated interactions things should settle down after the solar eclipse on the 21st. This is an intense moment of beginnings and endings make sure whatever stays in your life from this point forward is meant to be there for the long haul. 

Leo ♌️

You have been rediscovering yourself dearest lions. Every aspect of your life has been undergoing changes. Finances also need to be reevaluated with Mercury traveling through your 2nd house of values and resources. Issues surrounding money are up for you this week and you are looking for a prospect for a profitable project. The Solar eclipse set in Leo in your sign denotes endings and beginnings it is also a period for reaching for your needs. This is also a time for more motivation to make changes regarding these matters. Time to begin again, turn a new leaf, start fresh, there's incredible support, for this now. Mars in your sign suggests you have the backing to do what it takes Birthday lions. You feel like your finally taking the reigns of your life, more driven and powerful. Where you're headed is still a mystery to you but the important thing is to keep on moving!! 

Virgo ♍️

Dearest Virgo your dream world came alive recently and now you are in the midst of it. Anything you create with your imagination can become a reality. You are awake and especially in tune to the possible magic all around. Your intuition is more alive than ever. You may find yourself being a little bit secretive, laying low or keeping more to yourself especially around the 15-17th. You are enjoying your own world of fantasies now, but watch out for being too absent from life. There is a need to nourish the outer world. A true balance, remember anything which is neglected starts to suffer. Mercury retrogrades on the 12th, so you naturally tend to take things slowly. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st reinforces the need to fall back. Remember the importance of getting things done and reflecting both have their value! , and slowing down can, in fact, benefit you. 

Libra ♎️

Hey, libra the tug of war continues 'this week between going out into the world and pursue your dreams or be equally dedicated on the home front. You have a strong desire to control what goes on with family but this is overwhelming for you right now. The 15-17th can be specifically challenging when it comes to home and family. Fear of losing your grip has you feeling insecure, but remember whatever is meant to be the universe will present the best opportunities even though you might not be able to see it. can pull up this recurring theme. Focusing on work seems to yield good results now, so keep that in mind. You have energy and motivation for your projects and finding ways to organize them in the best ways possible. Try to delegate some of the responsibilities so you don't feel tired and overworked. Maybe find a partner that you know and trust and share some of your ideas, this can be especially gratifying. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st has the tendency to end things but with every ending comes a new beginning. Out with old and Be ready for the new. 

Scorpio ♏️

My dearest Scorpio, you have been working very hard and this week is no different. Your ambitions are running high with Mars at the top of your chart and a Solar Eclipse on the 21st occurring there as well. This indicates new beginnings and endings mostly in your career and reputation. These strong influences are the point to increased commitment and some major success. Congrats Scorpio !! You are committed to achieving your goals and charging at your future with an iron determination. , ambitious, goal-oriented, and desirous of taking charge of your future. You know what you want and this is the perfect time to make it happen. 
The 14-16 can bring up questions about the past and possibly some confusion. Don't worry this too shall pass soon enough. Your ability to organize strategically complex situations in business could make sure everything is possible and goals are met. 

Sagittarius ♐️

Dearest Sag, it seems you are struggling with some mental confusion and disorganization right now as Mercury retrograde is happening at the top of your chart. Make sure you are getting the right message across and there are no errors in your written messages as well, chances of misunderstandings are high particularly on the job. However, going over past projects can be quite useful now and might help clear your mind when thinking about something new. Venus in your intimacy sector until the 25th helps smooth things out in your relationships. You have no problems expressing emotions, especially during the 9th-11th. People and resources are being drawn to you now like moths to a flame. This is a time for success and money making and there is luck in this department. Around the 14th-16th, tensions in intimate relationships can come up. Identify where your acting controlling or possessively, and try to compromise. Hand over some of the control, in order to have a positive exchange. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st brings helps clear the path for new beginnings.

Capricorn ♑️

This a great week to partner up, and work on your relationships. Venus graces your partnership sector, giving you the smooth living vibes you need to work out any kinks you and your partner (business or otherwise) have been struggling with. You can woo someone into a relationship or into signing a deal. Convincing business partners of an idea is also possible. All of this is extremely possible particularly around the 9th through the 11th. There is also a chance that opportunity is popping up in your direction new avenues are opening up for you. You may feel a little bogged down from the 14th through the 16th this is in relation to other people. People you may have confided in or trusted may make you feel let down or frustrated. Use this opportunity to learn more about yourself through their behavior or your reaction to their behavior. Be kind to yourself and try letting go of negative thoughts and pent up emotions. Try to let go and hand over control of the situation, it's the best thing you can do for yourself and your relationships. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st signals new beginnings and endings in relationships as well. Be ready!!

Aquarius ♒️

Hey, lovely Aquarius you have been gifted with Venus in your sixth house. All the concern with your relationships finally gets a break when you are able to follow through with your work schedule, and health routines your mind is turned to other things. So I guess your heart isn't completely caught up... You're enjoying you to do's and finding pleasure in your job. On the 14th through the 16th however, you can be feeling a little overwhelmed or overworked if you've been doing too much. You may have strong emotions, regarding people in your day to day life. There may be some tension regarding key people in your life. Complex feeling that you might not be fully aware of what is triggering them could be popping up out of nowhere. Focus on self-care and self-improvement for now and stay present with people in your life. With the Solar Eclipse on the 21st, this can be a refreshing time in an existing partnership, a fresh new partnership. 

Pisces ♓️

You are a magnet for miracles now dreamy Pisces. You are winning people over with your charming nature and magnetic positive vibrations. Great things just seem to to be falling right into your lap dearest. It's like there is a window into people's soul and you can see exactly what's going on inside. Like a radio station tuning in the static's disappearing and the sounds and vibrations are coming in crystal clear. Your relationships are evolving, into a whole new level, because you have opened your mind up to possibilities. You have come to an agreement with your partner and you finally feel like there's a balance between you. has You can be filled with ideas and are especially open to making changes that contribute to growth and progress. An intimate relationship might blossom, or you come to a pleasing agreement with a partner. Just watch out for some mind games around the 14th through the 16th this could bring up tension and problems for you. The eclipse on the 21st really marks off the beginning of something new for you. 

Always Stay Sweet 


 Lumini Lux 💕