August Leo Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth causing the Sun to be fully or partially obscured by the Moon, as seen from Earth. This happens only during the New Moon.

This will be a special solar eclipse especially for us in the west. Sun is on blast in the fiery sun sign Leo. We’ll be able to not only be affected by it we will be able to see it. How ironic the darkness reign visibly upon this US Corp. lol as above so below. No fear here, please. Darkness is necessary for transformation. All good shit. The light will surely come from this… all of this in a grand awakening. Open yourself to receive

Here we can add Fibonacci's pearls and take it back to March of last year and even further to the last major eclipse 18 yrs ago. Where were you? What were you doing? What was your mental space? How have your intentions been trending? Has this eclipse come to shift gears? Lets’ take a moment to observe and review transitions that have been unfolding in our lives.

We can clearly see outside of us the frenzy that’s been going on. Things are changing. Sometimes with change birthing pains of what’s to come can occur. "No mud no lotus" Perhaps this is a mirror of chaos stirring up within us. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. Use it….. for “chaos is a ladder” (GOT) to illumination. This isn’t the time to run and hide from the change or try and be the poster child for it. You already are it. It just takes your awareness to fully experience and witness it within. Just ride it through in openness to receive all of the lessons and signs before we land upon this grand newness we have conjured

Darkness is upon us now. As Mufasa told young Simba the Sun… “Everything the light touches is our kingdom”. It is in the darkness we gain wisdom to maintain this kingdom and enlightenment. Veils are being lifted all around us. Not just stuff you don’t know but stuff you don’t wanna know… it’s gon slap you in yo face with love like slap boxing and it’ll be glorious. This is what the eclipse energy brings, an unearthing of the hidden

As we are still accompanied by the serpent energy of August, whatever persona we have been projecting (ego) we will come face to face with to shed to allow our authentic-selves to rise to the surface to love and embrace. A true enlightenment. All we gotta do is be present and show up. The practice of awareness with shed light on what’s gotta go so we can get lite and give the world this glow

Eclipse Mantras:

“I am strong enough to be myself”

“I embrace the divine beauty & the sacred mess of the creation process”

“Great things happen when I embrace my truth & authenticity”

Always Stay Sweet