💫New Moon Leo Ritual💫

Prepare yourself for your magick to enhance. The more we practice our form the stronger it gets with a greater outcome.

So we will adapt the same ritual as in the previous New Moon Leo Ritual but with minute keen modification for this amplified energy. Crown!!! Rest up. Recharge and regenerate. You are here to rule. This takes immense energy. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown” with the lion being the ruling animal in its’ environment we are going to adapt its’ vibez of kingship over our lives. A lion needs the courage of the heart to take its’ rightful place.  We will take this alignment opportunity to champion self-love unapologetically.


Smudge tools: sandalwood/lavender incense/essential oil

Candles: Red, Purple, Green/Pink

Crown of Success oil

Cayennepepper spice

Feel-good, victorious music

Flowers: Sunflowers (eclipse imagery)

Crystals: pyrite, clear quartz, rose quartz, citrine

Spirits including your immediate ancestors and outside of your 

ancestors: Archangel Raphael for glory, fortune, success

Paper n Pencil


Bowl of water (safety precaution)

1.  Adorn your sacred/altar space with your sunflowers. There’s royalty coming through. Cleanse the energy of your space with your smudging tools (incense, oil burner, sage, palo santo). Put on your feel good music (what makes your happy, what makes you feel sexy) As you cleanse open your heart by chanting “I forgive myself” continuously. Here we lick our wounds.

2.  Place your red candle on your altar to the left, your green candle to the right and up green or purple candle up and in the center, creating a pyramid. Dress them w your crown of success oil.

3.  Sit before your renewed/rejuvenated alter. Take 8 deep breaths to center and quiet yourself. Lay hands on each element that creates this sacred space before you and give thanks.

4.  Place your crystals one by one in your left hand. Command of them what you wish them to do for you. Once done, place your pyrite next to your purple candle, your rose quartz by your green candle, your citrine by your red candle and your clear quartz on your person. Sprinkle your cyan pepper around the parameter of your pyramid of candles n crystals

5.  8 more deep breaths. In the vibe of the music ….Light your candles. Bring to you your spirit guides by calling out their names. Bring Archangel Raphael to your by saying “Directly connected to the Divine, and to ALL that is. I now call upon you Archangel Raphael. Arch Angel Raphael comes in and connects with me now. I ask that you heal me, uplift me and inspire me to live in alignment with my highest and greatest good”

6.  With your pencil and paper write 8 things you wish to manifest. 8 more deep breaths….On another piece of paper write 8 ways to practice loving yourself more. 8 more deep breaths…. On another piece of paper write 8 things that come to you (there is no direction here we are recording higher-self) if nothing comes through it is fine just write “I will it and so it is”

7.  Place your list of love practice under your green candle. Place your manifesting intentions list under your red candle. Place your notes from higherself under your purple candle. Put your clear quartz in the center of your grid and recite vigorously among the flames: “I am a tower of willpower. My strong will is helping me to align my being to my highest intentions and impulses. My willpower is an alchemical force which dissolves barriers and angelically opens doors of opportunity. The strength of my alchemical willpower is fortified, empowering my being and all creation.”

8.  On the next day take your petitions from under your candles. Say into the green candle flame “I love myself”. Light your petition with the flame from the green candle. Before the fire burns your hand put the petition out in the bowl of water (repeat for the following). Take your intention petition and speak into the red flame “I create my will”. Light your intention petition from the flame of the red candle. Into the purple candle flame speak “I receive”. Light your guidance petition in the flame of the purple candle.

Repeat this affirmation for the next 8 days before you go to sleep. This ritual is to be performed after the solar eclipse

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