Sexual Energy.

Sex and Art are the same things.
— Pablo Picasso

Sexual energy is our most creative energy, we were created from sex, and increasing that energy benefits our sex life and our life outside of sex.

Benefits include increased creativity, productivity, and improved physical health. Channeling sexual into productive energy can help us live extraordinary and impactful lives. 

The fact is, you control your sexuality or it controls you. Our sexual impulses impact our actions and the choices we make. If not properly harnessed, they can lead to great destruction. Also, when your sexual energy is blocked, you may experience negative symptoms, from a lack of creativity to frustration to low back pain.

When your sexual energy flows, it is a force that we feel. It's a life-force energy that can be used to increase our vitality and how we communicate with the world. The vibes we give off when we interact with others. A powerful form of communication that transcends both emotional and intellectual realms of human interaction. Charismatic people are usually conscious enough to channel their sexual energy into personal magnetism. Increase your self-confidence and spark your creativity by cultivating your sexual energy.

The Taoist approach to human sexuality stresses balance, harmony, sharing, sustained pleasure and healing. Taoist sexual exercises are also known as “ Sexual Kung Fu.” The first word, Kung, means skilled work, hard training, or endeavor. The second, Fu, is time spent. Thus, learning this skill takes effort and time. There isn't a "magic pill" or "quick fix" for mastering these powerful techniques. Sexual energy can be increased significantly in those who practice Sexual Kung Fu and can be transmuted into various forms of energy when it is collected.

Lengthy sexual intercourse is stressed as key to this practice. Several Taoist techniques teach you how to build your sexual energy and share it with your partner. It also teaches you to "seal" your energy to avoid energy leaks. If we can strengthen the senses, and seal them with internal and external force, we can accumulate profound power. I incorporate Taoist and Tantric techniques when coaching both male and female clients to increase their energy and experience multiple orgasms. Yes, men are capable of experiencing multiple orgasms too and can enjoy sex without feeling drained afterward.

Always Stay Sweet