💫🔮Full Moon Aquarius Ritual.🔮💫

 Prepare yourself for your magick to enhance. The more we practice our form the stronger it gets with a greater outcome.

We are going to give thanks and scry during this full moon Aquarius. Scrying is a divination tool that takes many forms. Messages received are subjective to the active participant. Whatever you see is for you and your journey. Aquarian vibez bring forth vision of the future. Aquarius is the water bearer (spirit travels through water) so we will use them both a bowl of water and our actual selves to practice (for our bodies are of 70%-80% water). As we step into this portal and transition into this newness guidance of what is to come and where we are going are delightful bonuses. Be reminded that we are still in the Leo-8 frequency.


Smudge tools (sage, palo santo, incense)

*I suggest all three if possible in this order for removal, blessing, vibe*


Ancestral altar offerings (glasses of water, food, candy

Glass/silver/brass bowl of water/mirror


Anointing oil

Glass of water



White candle, blue candle, gold candle

Object of achievement



1.  Begin by clearing your home space making it sacred including yourself with some sage. Follow this with your palo santo smudge.

2.  If you have felt guided by ancestors close to you that have transcended and/or have had thoughts of them frequently gather images of them on a small table/counter/floor and pour them a clear glass of water in ask and thanksgiving for their guidance. You can continue with any other offerings of their desires.

3.  In this altar, space take your pencil and paper and write down 8 characteristics and/or gifts and/or guidance that you have received from your beloved ancestors. End each attribute with a thank you on paper and aloud.

4.  Take a semi generous amount of anointing oil into your hands. While holding your hands in prayer position speak: “I pray this oil is anointed in the sheer essence of the Most High, Source, Universal Light and my beloved ancestors (you can name them). Cleanse this oil of any defilement in it or upon it and make it holy for the work of the glory of my highest self. DONE”. Anoint your body from soles of your feet to the crown of your head saying repeatedly “you anoint my head with oil my cup runneth over”. Lay hands on your paper with your 8 ancestral characteristics and with those same oil anointed hands touch your white candle and say: “you anoint my head with oil my cup runneth over”. Place both items on your ancestral altar….. candle on top of the paper. Light your white candle.

5.  Go to your personal sacred space that you renewed and rejuvenated during the Leo New Moon. Take 8 slow deep breaths. Write on a sheet of paper 8 action items for each of the 8 items of manifestation from the previous Leo moon ritual. Take your gold candle and place it on top of your 8 action items in the essence of alchemy. Light your gold candle and bring for the destructive energy of Shiva by saying “Om Namah Shivaya” into the fire. In reciting this mantra we are honoring our own highest self for as alchemist we are constantly shedding skin in release of detrimental habits, toxic vibez to evolve to and emit our purest light.

6.  Take your object of achievement (a physical symbol of manifestation) recite “I bless these fruits of my work, giving thanks for the light and opportunities received that helped me harvest them”. Place on your altar.

7.  Pour water into your bowl in the Aquarius energy of revelation and vision. Place is outside under the full moon for 8-17 mins. In your sacred space, light your blue candle. Say, “grant me spirit of wisdom and revelation with power into my inner self. Make home in my heart to fulfill my plan.” Get you bowl of water from outside.
8.  Take 8 deep breaths to center self in meditation of the previous words. (recite as many times as needed). Dip a finger from you right hand into the bowl of water and wet the rim of the bowl. Look into your bowl of water. Just observe the water quiet in movement and continue to stare. Record on another sheet of paper/journal whatever images come up for interpretation.

Happy Manifesting


Always Stay Sweet