The Full Moon is occurring on August 7 at 5:10 pm PST Time in the sign of Aquarius at 15 degrees, which is also a partial lunar eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse Aquarius

August 7th & 8th

This paramount event is taking place in this p o w e r f u l month of August. The numerological theme of this year has been 1 bringing newness and action. The lunar eclipse offers us a portal into intense majestic intuitively guided personal drive towards success in multidimensions…. With finances, projects, S E L F, and our RELATIONSHIPS with others. We’re dealing with the root of our true selves and what we really really want versus what others want for us or what we want to be for others. Aquarius is putting up the mirrors with mental and emotional clarity.

The tides are washing the truth to shore and we’re able to scry from them what’s really good so we can move through this portal with lucidity. No blind steps here. We’ve got clear vision. As read in previous posts on the month of August shedding a light of consciousness on our shadow-selves will yield great reward #alchemy is the tool. Transformation, shedding-releasing, rising #kundalini vibez 🐍. The need to purge is soooooo pertinent at this time. Some of what you will purge may be of no surprise to some. If there has been resistance to purge what is necessary for your willed manifestations and your highest good n growth, the affects may be painful (all in your favor tho). Ain’t nothing wrong w a little salt on our wounds….. protection and purification luvs.

In self-awareness, as we see with clarity we will strengthen our trust in self for guidance. Affirmation from external sources is icing on the cake. As we strip to our source our inner guide will get so damn clear signs will show up everywhere hollering at you.

The road less traveled is ours as we’re on our individual paths and we will grow to trust our own path sans the influence of what's outside of us.

This lunar eclipse is opening a gateway for us to walk out of one phase (from the previous feb. 2017 eclipse) into another. This T r a n s i t i o n period will extend with the help of the solar eclipse Aug. 20 until the end of January of 2018. We can achieve great success during this time. We’ve to go the will and drive. Caution as there is also opportunity for extremity in this energy which would not be favorable. We don’t need to play dirty and burn bridges to achieve our goals. When we apply balance we can weather the storm of those small nudges to be savage for our personal gain.

Aquarius Full Moon 

We’re climaxing at this time with ripe energy. A lot of us have been or will be going through birthing pains. Energies are so high that if there is no release to the things we’ve been conjuring labor pains being in anxiety, frustration, insomnia, etc… physical activity is a good remedy for this as well.
Breathe easy like they teach in birthing classes. Be at peace if everything doesn’t go according to plan. Know that divine plans are at work in the universe in your favor. Your visions have been seen and heard through your intentions and your magick. Flow with no attachments to ease those labor pains.
To get the results that we desire we should focus on what it is that we need. Being in positions to receive what we need will bring us closer to our desires with a solid foundation. Also, scan your surroundings for the human resource within your network. Put together your dream team (ask for it, manifest them, I promise you will receive). Team work makes the dream work. Walking the tightrope of this hardcore drive, determination and strong will help you draw your team and maintain them during this time vs. the extreme resulting in the destruction of you support due to power hunger and greed.
This is also the time to live out loud. If you’ve been hearing the word “authenticity” them vibez talking to ya. Listen up. If you are uncertain about who you really, essentially are. It time to dive in the shadows of yourself releasing the shame of your experiences. Thus, becoming unapologetic of you truly are at the core.

From this, we’re in a position to receive potent creative sporadic ideas that may come in the form of epiphanies. One of the many gifts Aquarian vibez brings us is v i s i o n. Those ideas will have a great opportunity of manifestation because we will have vision which is a major key in magick.

The eclipse in this cosmic position allows us to break the chains of karmic debt in our lives presently, past lives as well as ancestral karmic debt. August has us in transformative and illuminating vibez #lit. We gon get free. Acts of generosity to others will serve as great expressions of gratitude. Increase the flow of abundance by actively expressing the art of gratitude.

As we dive into the mysteries of this Isis cosmically in a conjunction with the Leo sun we’ll gain some pearls of magickal wisdom we can apply for healing. These cosmic subtle aspect positions of trines n sextiles although singularly seem extreme (thank goodness this universe is multi-dimensional) collectively they work to achieve the balance of neutrality leaning in our favor. We are pushed to resolve our relationships hiccups (Jupiter square pluto) to achieve harmony (moon trine Jupiter… the love and happiness mega success vibez).

We gotta fix our shit to step through this gateway joyfully. No more pushing stuff aside. You know what you need to address, make peace with, and release and surrender. All part of the transformation.

Full Moon Aquarius Ritual

Always Stay Sweet