Weekly Scope August 7th - August 13th

This week is going to be pretty much hustling be finish things before Mercury and Uranus go retrograde.

There is a lunar eclipse on the 7th which will give us the necessary cosmic push, clearing the path.!  Make sure it is a productive week. Sign those contracts and get important business out of the way from the 7-11 before the retro season! I love you. Have a beautiful week!!


Play hard or go home, dear Aries. Enjoy the loving vibes and be in present moment. Now is the time to relax and have fun. You have certainly been wanting to enjoy yourself to be carefree, and romantic. A perfect time to begin a relationship, or if you're already in one there is a chance to rekindle the romance. If you have children spending more time with them can be especially pleasurable now! Your impulsive, head strong nature could move mountains if channeled positively. Confidence and energy are increasing as well, the perfect time for new beginnings. The Lunar eclipse is a catalyst for this, giving you the motivation to take the necessary steps. Mercury retrograde from the 12th forward encourages to finish projects before the slow down period. Activities and relationships at home with loved ones can improve with compassion and empathy especially from the 9-11. From the 12th on health issues may arise. Your daily routine, work schedule, and diet may affect by Mercury Retrograde. Get inspired to navigate these murky waters and still be effective!! 


Your home life is a buzz with action dear Taurus. Family life and domestic affairs are highlighted and energetic this week dear Taurus. Full of activities and opportunities to enjoy this time, Mars in your solar fourth house makes this happen. Home improvement projects favored, and so are activities with loved ones. Time to take action on the home front. Your personal life has to beg for radical changes. The Solar Eclipse pushes you in this direction, giving you more energy to make the necessary shifts, and changes. Uncertainty and procrastinating can undermine your efforts to improve yourself. Your personal life and public life are in a tug of war, pulling in different directions. It's all about balance Taurus, try to be easy on yourself so you'll be able to see things more clearly. The Lunar Eclipse on the 7th clears your mind allowing you to see in what direction you want to head in your life. Enjoy the creativity that blossoms this week, and engage in learning experiences. Mercury's retrograde on the 12th can slow things down a bit and introduce some complications when trying to get your message across. August is a powerful time for getting in touch with your innermost needs and desires. People from the past can be a theme now or thinking (obsessively) about the past. Do not suffocate people, give them space. Your attitude and warped thinking are affecting your romantic relationships and creative projects. Slow down and smell the flowers.


You are exceptionally busy this week Gemini. Your daily life and work schedules are crazy this week!! Tons of activities, and errands popping up! You are making fruitful connections. This is the perfect time to work on your communication skills, to improve your ideas. Your intellect is alert, like bulb your flashing with ideas. Discover new mediums for expressing yourself and connecting with people. Variety, mental stimulation and gaining as much information as you can is your focus now! as this theme builds the Lunar Eclipse on the 7th pushes the bill on all these issues. If you are feeling overwhelmed trying to break out of your routine and experience some new avenues. Either way enjoy your new interests and projects now, complete important tasks before the 12th when your ruler Mercury goes into retrograde. This aspect could slow things down considerably. Days 8,9,10 can be extremely productive... Use the energy to the fullest. 


Cash cash cash!! Business is booming for you, my dearest Cancers. Take charge of your finances or make an investment!! Make plans for managing your resources, or buying real estate could bring amazing results. Aim to put big plans into motion after Mercury's retrograde that lasts from August 12th to September 5th. Group activities with some level of competitiveness are also favored. The Lunar Eclipse on the 7th is a catalyst to channel these energies. For some of you, this can be a financial wake-up call. A payout of a significant debt or bonus may be in store. There is also a great need for intimacy awakening and might reach a turning point in relationships. A decision about merging your resources may come to a head. With Venus in your sign, you are attracting what you want. People seek you out more than usual with this transit! You are especially charming, from 9-11 so it's possible to convince people of your ideas now. You are enthusiastic about a person, in your life something you find highly motivating. There can be a sense that you're growing and heading in the right direction with business, family or both. There is feeling that you're on top of things, particularly on financial and family which can be truly gratifying for you. 


Happy birthday Leo!! This month begins with a bang! You are as powerful and courageous as the mightiest lion king! 
You have been truly reinventing yourself through a new image or new path towards more personal fulfillment. Your desire to rule with full reign over all dominions of life overcomes you! You are now ready to do it so take action! This is more about your character and personality than it is about your professional life which may take a backseat temporarily. Your personal goals of self-fulfillment are in focus! 
You recently enjoyed a New Moon in your sign, pushing you along a new path, and this month another New Moon occurs, again in your sign (this doesn't happen often) This New Moon will completely finish the project of turning over a new leaf. A total eclipse of the Moon in Leo on the 7th is a sign that things are really changing for you in the right direction.
You're receiving good moon vibes and amazing energy blasts your way!! boost in confidence in August. This eclipse acts as a powerful slate cleaner. Something new begins, and it can feel much like a new chapter in your life story. You are ready to kick bad habits, start fresh, and present a more self-assured "you" to the world. Mars is in your sign all month, stimulating you, as well. A period which you choose to put yourself first, which of course you should practice in moderation. You're getting several boosts of love light and energy! There has been a tremendous focus on your personality and your needs, and your relationships are getting a true wake up call. This eclipse pushes for the realization of a partner's role in your life or your own relationship needs. This cosmic push comes at a time when Venus is heading into an opposition with Pluto, suggesting that obsessive feelings from the past that are re-emerging in relationships. There can be a special person that strengthens a bond just around the corner!! So Celebrate be grateful and enjoy your in the sun my lions !!


Your inner world, dreams, intuition are stirring. Things are really happening inside of you, but you're also likely to remain a little reserved and withdrawn. Rest and time for yourself to regroup are needed now and this is healthy and necessary! Mercury spends the whole month in your sign. Your intellectual mind and ideas are especially focused and astute, favoring getting your message across! However, on the 12th Mercury retrograde urges a big mental slowdown. Reflecting, reevaluating, editing, and speculating. Give yourself time to this before moving ahead with any major projects! The Lunar Eclipse on the 7th gives your daily life, health, routine and work some focus. If you've been feeling unhealthy or if you've been slacking at work or at the gym you'll feel compelled to do something about the situation now. Many "a-ha" moments and new information coming to light and epiphanies regarding your personal life could really have you making significant changes!


Your efforts, in your community, career efforts are really paying off and undergoing some changes dear Libra! Big changes are bubbling to the surface regarding your personal achievements. Time to focus on your, goals, hopes and dreams. It will be a powerful time for networking, and connecting with those with similar interest. Take a risk on an idea that inspires you there is a big chance that you will make it work. The lunar eclipse on the 7th clears the path for you to come through on your life long goals and objectives. This is likely,  an empowering time. Eclipses may indicate a need to let go of something before moving on. There is a chance that a special project gets off the ground!  The desire to have more control over your life and environment continues and you may be dealing with personal insecurities that undermine your self-worth. Mercury's retrograde from the 12th on suggests a need to look back, and reconsider your plans before moving ahead. In general key people are really noticing your efforts. Business is booming. Take advantage of how your reputation is in rising!


This is a highly ambitious time for you, dear Scorpio, with Mars at the top of your solar chart and a Solar Eclipse occurring there as well. This points to realizing your long term goals and being successful. You are focused on your prize and determined, to get it! Your ambition is high and you will stop at nothing! You are goal-oriented and are taking charge of your future. Your career and business projects are taking flight! The Lunar Eclipse on the 7th gives you the energy to do what you want! The 9th-11th are especially favorable for making important connections and meeting new people. Mercury's retrograde from the 12th gives you a chance to slow down and reevaluate. The retrograde creates some slow down time. Sign documents and make deals now before this slow down begins. Time to polish your wings and take flight! 


This is an expensive week your heart and mind are open to new ideas and experiences dear Sagittarius! You are trying new things and going beyond your realms of life. Find new ways of approaching and exploring the world. Time to break out your normal routine. Plans for going abroad could be in the cards now. You are attracted to anything out of the norm. You want to meet new people, and, your desire to peruse a new relationship can be quite intense. The Lunar Eclipse on the 7th can bring projects to a turning point creating significant changes in your life. New adventures can lead to gratification. Mercury retrograde in the 12th can bring some disorganization to your work schedule and it would be beneficial to go over your work twice and make sure everything is as it should. There are big chances of miscommunication as well. Don't worry this won't last long. Things really open up for you before and after this. Now is the time to explore new avenues and make changes. 


Such an intense week ahead for you dear Capricorn! Life death rebirth and sexuality are your main focus. You are really digging deep and uncovering the truth about these matters. Shared finances, loans, and deeply meaningful relationships are in the cards. There is likely to be an emphasis on investigating and doing research, and getting in touch with your inner desires. A Jupiter-Pluto square this week have you obsessing over power. Then Jupiter enters a smooth transit tô Saturn your ruler giving you drive to channel all this power. There are some big life lessons coming up and you will realize this as the week moves ahead. Organizing your finances is important now in order to prevent future problems. Saturn turns direct on the 25th, showing you that your karmic lessons have finished until Saturn moves into Capricorn. Everything regarding financial matters and income sources will be the focus for you as well. Whatever happens now ensures that a path towards a more organized, and secure way of living are opening up. 


Dear Aquarius, your freedom, and independent nature are nudging you to make a choice. It's true that you value your individuality above everything but it's important to build solid bonds in life now. An important partnership or relationship is forming on the horizon. Whether you're in a relationship or looking for one this is the time to make it happen. You're in the market to begin a long-term partnership, or to enhance an existing one. People in your life, particularly those closest to you, are teaching you about yourself. A relationship crisis could arise if you are not careful and do not listen to others. Learning about compromise, diplomacy, and cooperation is a huge theme now. The Lunar Eclipse in your sign on the 7th brings big "a-ha" moments to the surface. A cosmic push to change gears in an existing relationship can arise. This can also lead to an emotional revamp of how you view yourself in relationship to others. Mercury retrograde in your solar eighth house on the 12th suggests a possible delay related shared finances and debt. Venus spends the first three and a half weeks in your industrious 6th house, suggesting an opportunity smooth things in your work health and daily routine.


Your health and work schedule are big themes for you this week dear Pisces! You are taking more leadership roles at work. You're also changing things up along these lines with a Lunar Eclipse on the 7th giving you the cosmic push to do this. A new beginning and assertive, go-getter attitude are on now with Mars charging through your sector of habits and routines all month. Organizing the little things in your life will go a long way towards feeling confident and accomplished. You can work longer hours than usual, or push harder in health and fitness routines.
You have all the power you need to make important changes to your habits, work or any job you do or services you provide. This can be about reorganizing your life, eating and exercising better, managing your time more productively, and working on the details of work, projects, and plans.
If you've been ignoring your needs for rest and reflection, you could be feeling especially drained and sensitive. You are a magnet right now, particularly around the 9-11, for people and good favor. During this same window, if you have the opportunity to work on a budget, work project, resumé, or whatever else that helps you advance your practical goals, do so, as you have special insight and intuition. You can be filled with ideas and are especially open to making changes that contribute to your growth and progress. An intimate relationship might blossom, or you come to an agreement with a partner.

Always Stay Sweet 


 Lumini Lux 💕