🔮♍New Moon Virgo Ritual♍🔮

🕯This new moon will have a heavy effect on the nervous system in our bodies (Uranus effects). The power of our minds has a lot to do with this. Removing ourselves from stressful environments, conversations, people will aid and protect us during this time. Centered peace in the midst of chaos is our goal. When chaos arises our role is to seek the “why” (in ourselves) more so than actively engaging to locate the points of healing (“why am I angered? why am I bothered? what is triggering this panic and stress”?). We alone are enough. Enough to press through. Enough to transcend. This is a time to start, restart, amplify and/or implement our intentions and manifest wholly.


Smudging tools (burn sandalwood essential oil and palo santo)
Orange flowers
Handful of green grass
Brown candle
Yellow candle
White candle
Self love tunes
Rose oil
Archangel Raphael, Angel Hamaliel
Crystals (sapphire, carnelian, red jasper)
Black salt


🔮1.  Begin by creating the vibe with music that makes u feel like loving yourself (this will tap into your subconscious as you focus on the ritual).

🔮2.  Light your sandalwood in your oil burner (if you have/ or burn some sandalwood incense) light your palo santo stick take it around your sacred space and move it around your body reciting “I alone am worthy. I alone am enough” (keep your intentions for manifestation in mind).

🔮3.  Place your grass evenly across your ritual space (representing earth time passing and how we must be productive with its gift to us). Place your flowers in the middle of your space.

🔮4.  Creating a pyramid place your white candle before you in the middle, your yellow candle to the left and you're brown to the right.

🔮5.  Sit in stillness and darkness. Breathe deeply for 7 whole minutes. Once done light your white candle and say “ I am worthy of receiving divine clear guidance that comes to me in various forms. I am aware”

🔮6.  Take your yellow candle. Place some of your grass under the candle. Light your yellow candle and visualize that you are surrounded by purified energy. Take it into your breath. Ask Archangel Raphael for the healing you desire for yourself. Take your pencil and paper and write what you know is weighing you down. let that shit go. Write down what you know to be agents of pain, setbacks, trauma (your role in the “no victims…. big girl panties”.) Burn that shit with the flame of your candle lit for Archangel Raphael.

🔮7.  Light your brown candle to the Virgo Angel Hamaliel and say “I call upon you angel Hamaliel and give thanks for the light you shower upon me to enhance my relationships. I thank you for smoothing my life path and allowing me to experience relaxation, tranquility, balance, and harmony during this time.” Take your pencil and paper and write down you're renewed and amplified goals your wish to manifest within yourself and in the physical. Dress it with your rose oil and place it under your lit Virgo Angel Hamaliel candle.

🔮8.  Take your rose oil and recite “you anoint my head with oil my cup runneth over” with your right-hand place oil on your third-eye and the crown of your head recite “I love myself. I know the divine genius in me and without guilt or reserves. I take full advantage of these miraculous times to concentrate on myself and my journey”

🔮9.  Take your black salt and sprinkle it around your bed. Use your pencil and paper (dream journal) to record whatever your recall from your dreams over the next 7 days after reciting the affirmations in #5 and #8 in the mirror each night before you go to sleep.

🤗Happy Manifesting 💜💙💫

Always Stay Sweet