💫🌊Full Moon Picses Ritual🌊💫

There’s a lot of agitation going on around us in politics and in nature, perhaps on our jobs as water does this can mirror conflicts within. We’re in alignment to crash through obstacles happening within and they shall reflect liberation in our world externally.

During this full moon, we will dive into the water element to join the Great Sea God Neptune with a meditational bath to help usher us into the subconscious realm through the dream vehicle. Once we see(R) through illusion we gain clarity on our path and direction. #8- #10 in the directions can be repeated over the next 4 evenings.


Smudge: sage, essential oils/incense of myrrh, mint, sweet basil

Herbs: lavender

Epsom salt

Black salt

Thin stick

Rose oil

Linen fabric (or very thin fabric in convenient access to you)



Candles: gold, blue

Crystals: sapphire, amethyst


Bowl of water

1.  Run a warm bath. Add Epsom salts to pull toxins and lavender essential oil to help promote relaxation for meditation. Place your sapphire and/or your amethyst around your tub for prophetic and clairvoyant insight. Just lay and wade in the water. Meditate on the water. Become the water. In imagining you are a body of water lose your physical form to water. (before you release the water take some of the water in your bowl)

2.  Once out of the bath, light your myrrh/sweet basil/mint blend of essential oils in an oil burner smudge yourself and your space with sage envisioning all murky energy is blown away.

3.  Anoint yourself with rose oil from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head reciting “I walk beside still water… you anoint my head with oil, my cup runneth over)

4.  Place your bowl of water on your sacred space/alter. Add more water giving thanks to the water.

5.  take your thin stick and poke 3 deep holes into your gold candle and your blue candle. Add rose oil to both candles.

6.  Light your gold candle and say: “the flame of the sacred omnipresence urns brightly in my mind and fills this space with clarity and goodness”.

7.  Light your blue candle and say:” this is an offering to archangel Michael his divine compliment faith, and their host of spiritual warriors. I am protected”

8.  Inhale deeply and exhale slowly 9 times. Take your mirror and look at yourself. Repeat in the mirror numerous times: “I see you and hear you. I request you fortify my will to overcome any inner and outer resistance to accomplish greatness in my walk and in my spirit. Restore my soul. Renew my spirit. Rejuvenate my intentions. Thank you for your blessing”

9.  Sit at your sacred space in breath until spirit says to stop. Write on your paper how you will feel. Place your bowl of water outside to charge under the moon energy for 10-20 mins. Place your bowl of Pisces Full Moon water under your bed. Sprinkle black salt around the parameter of your bed. Place your crystals under your pillow. Put your lavender herb in your thin fabric and place under your pillow with your crystals. Say “I receive clear messages necessary for my journey”. Go to sleep!!!

10.  When you wake or throughout the day as it comes to you, write down everything you saw, heard and felt while sleep. And how you feel presently.

🤗Happy Manifesting 💜💙💫

Always Stay Sweet