Venus Retrograde Advice

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Aries - Time to focus on what you want from this relationship Aries. You have to be real with yourself first before your partner can show their authenticity. What do you want? 

Taurus -  Take a step back Taurus. You have been giving your all in this relationship. Let your partner show up for once. And they will. 

Gemini - Know yourself, know your worth. Gemini, You’re always the go-to person. Stop allowing your partner, your friends make you to their issue wastebasket. You’re more than a shoulder to cry on. 

Cancer - They’re been things you been keeping bottled up Cancer. Now is the time to release it. Express yourself. Tell your partner how you feel. Don’t hold back. Exhale. 

Leo - Who’s in your corner, Leo? You honestly don’t know. Your friendship are being called into question. See who’s there for you. Loyalty is important to a lasting relationship. 

Virgo - If they’re not helping you elevate, it’s not worth your time. Virgo, you’re in an entirely new chapter in your life, you want someone who’s willing to build with you, grow with you, make some money with you. Find them.

Libra - You is smart, your is kind, you is important. Don’t get down and out now Libra. You’re worthy of love and affection. Focus on loving self first so that others can see the love within you. 

Scorpio - You’re going to see your wounds in everyone else. Scorpio this is the rebirth and healing.  And the then the caterpillar became a butterfly. Use this to dig deep and to heal the scars you’ve been running from. It’s time. 

Sagittarius - When they show you who they are, believe them the first time around. You always see the best in others. You need to see them exactly how they are, the truth doesn’t lie. 

Capricorn - Find the balance, Capricorn it time to cut the dead weight. Let go of what no longer serves you. You don’t need others to tell you, you’re good. You have been good. You don’t need anyone's approval. Let the critics go. 

Aquarius  - Aquarius, are you happy where you are? Serious question. You may feel like people aren’t taken your talents serious. Well, I’m here to tell you that they’re not. But, that doesn’t matter. You have to be who you are a wild child and believe in yourself. Take yourself serious. 

Pisces - If you want to be free. Stop judging yourself and don’t let your partner limit you. You need someone who's willing to explore the depth of your oceans.