#CrystalsFriday Celestite

Just by gazing upon its heavenly color, the Celestite crystal inspires deep relaxation by restoring your natural state of joy. Keep a stone in the bedroom and bring tranquility and harmony into your space, the perfect medicine for a restful sleep. Before you close your eyes at night, hold the Celestite crystal in your hand and let it give you the wisdom and strength to allow your dreams to outweigh your fears and your actions be louder than your words. The day might be over and what's done is done, but the gentle and soothing Celestite crystal meaning reminds us that each day brings new opportunities to shoot for the stars. Remember, the stars can't twinkle without the darkness but the sun will always rise, giving way to a renewed hope for tomorrow. Celestite gives us a healthy perspective on life, allowing us to see our problems as guidelines instead of stop signs.

The high vibrations of Celestite crystal healing properties stimulate and support the throat, third eye, and crown chakras, making it an excellent stone for an overall spiritual detox. In meditation, Celestite helps ease the transition into a peaceful state of awareness, which can be challenging for a troubled mind amped up with conflict and frustration.

Sit quietly with the Celestite stone and use it to tap into your psychic and intuitive abilities. Because the Celestite crystal properties are associated with the throat chakra, it helps you express any message you receive from the heavens with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose. Celestite reminds us that the divine light is within us, and the angels will always show up to the party with an invitation, ready to keep the soul burning strong and bright.

Connect to the Celestite at a deeper level through meditation and give your stone a specific intention. Like a confessional of the spirit, tell the Celestite crystal the true desires of your heart because the angels are always listening. Use this therapeutic session to remind yourself that real strength isn’t only found in muscles but in the tenderness of spirit. 

Another way to access the healing vibrations of Celestite is by placing a stone on your third eye chakra before you go to sleep. Meditate with the crystal and let it connect you to the spiritual realm for a clear vision that helps you remember your dreams in vivid detail. Warm up a dampened spirit and find true happiness when you converse with angels in your dreams. Enter dreamland with Celestite and encourage sweet dreams that bring you closer to the real you and your divine purpose in life.

If your inner child gets lost in the woods, let the angels find you with Celestite, your spiritual compass and link to the heavens.

Happy Friyay & Manifesting! 🔮🍯✨

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