#CrystalsFriday Angel Aura Quartz ✨

#CrystalsFriday Angel Aura Quartz ✨

Angel Aura Quartz meaning is about revealing the beauty between your bonds with others. It restores your faith in humanity, and wills you to take part in the greater good. Connect with angel aura quartz healing properties to nourish your throat chakra with positivity. Angel aura quartz healing properties will not only open the energy blocks that make it hard for you to express yourself, they will also bring you clarity so that everything you communicate is authentic. Whether you’re using angel aura quartz meaning to become more honest and loving with yourself or others, you’ll appreciate the effect its energy has on your overall wellbeing. Fall back in love with the endless possibilities that life represents using angel aura quartz properties as your magical guide.

Angel Aura the second most commonly sourced Aura Quartz and sometimes called Opal Aura. Angel Aura is quartz that has been bonded with Silver & Platinum. It shimmers and sparkles all colors of the rainbow as the crystal is moved under the light in different directions. Angel Aura has a sweet, high, pure vibration that enables us to connect to other realms and higher energies. It raises our vibrations up when we use it or wear it as jewelry. Angel Aura also brings a calm, quietly confident feeling of inner peace and knowing. It allows our mind to let go during meditation or when undertaking spiritual practices so we can truly connect to the Universe and receive relevant information. I wear a stud earring in Angel Aura constantly as I feel it keeps me calm and connected, even when life gets stressful, I can still connect to my Higher Self and listen to my intuition when wearing this crystal.

This crystal is best worn as jewelry on a consistent basis, but the pieces are wonderful to keep on a bedside table or to place on the third eye or above the head if lying down for meditation. Alternatively, if sitting, sit crossed legged, relax and hold the crystal with both hands resting in your lap, at the level of the solar plexus or stomach. Angel Aura is also an excellent centerpiece for a crystal grid.

Happy Friyay & Manifesting! 🔮🍯✨

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