New Moon Taurus: Uranus Enters Taurus.

The New Moon arrives at 24° Taurus on May 15th at 7:47 am ET. This normally very grounded moon is gaining some deeper intense power as it forms a trine with Pluto.

Keywords are: love, worth, power, energy, chaos.

The big news with this new moon is that it is also occurring when Mars and Uranus are forming an exact square. Uranus will also be at its very very last degree 29.59, meaning it will ingress into Taurus the SAME day after the new moon is exact. This is kind of causing a chaotic sense of energy, it may be hard to sleep leading up to the new moon, being that the tension of the square is involving Mars(energy) and Uranus(change) and at an anaretic degree.

There is a feeling of pressure. We can feel a shift and change coming but we can’t quite put our fingers on it. The unknown can be unsettling and that’s what we are entering with this new moon. Once Uranus moves into 0 degrees Taurus after the new moon we might be awakened to the bolted shift. Try to stay grounded and if you can’t sleep take a bath or focus on what fears you want to let go of, as they are part of what will be keeping you up at night leading up to this. This is going to be a big day! ⚡️

On May, 15th, 2018, after 7 years of being in Aries, Uranus will finally move into the first degrees of Taurus. The New Moon will also be in Taurus the same day Uranus moves into Taurus!! Uranus will stay in Taurus until November, then Uranus will go retrograde and move back into Aries. Uranus will move back into Taurus March 2019 and will stay in the sign of Taurus until 2026.

This makes this new moon HUGE and full of energy. Uranus (more so) and the new moon will cause a lot of change for you. The house they fall in is the area of life it will be affecting and bringing change to. Uranus will have a strong effect on your life.

Uranus is going to test you, take away what isn’t serving you anymore, shake things up, turn your world upside down. This is for those of us with personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) or our 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th house in a fixed sign.  (Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio)

It affects you if you have outer planets in fixed signs as well just not as intense or prominent as the personal planets and points. 

Get ready for Uranus’s lightning bolts to bring unexpected surges of change into your life!!

Affects: stabilization, peace, creativity, heightened senses, laziness, relaxation, slow reactions and slow paced work/activities, feeling safe/craving security, steady or slow progress, fertility, a strong need for nourishment and rest, resisting change, indulging in comforts, staying home more often, feeling tired

What It’s Good For: meditation, grounding, catching up on projects and work, spending time alone, relaxing, taking naps/lounging, connecting with nature, handling finances and work-related affairs, self-care, letting go of grudges and resistance to change, slowing down, cleansing your environment by making it secure and comforting, artistic/creative projects, increasing self-worth and self-love

🌑New Moon Affirmation🌑: 

I am accepting the energies of newness. 

I am allowing this renewing energy to flow through me. 

I am powerful. 

I am light. ✨

Message from spirit: For everyone, May 15th is the perfect day to set new intentions for your life. Write down some positive affirmations for this day! This goes for every new moon. New routines, letting go of old, new goals, new lifestyles, new haircut, etc. Throwing out old stuff as a way to rid yourself of old energy is a good thing to do as well.

You might already feel the energy. Have you been sleepier than usual? Have you had the opposite? A random surge of energy? Moody? It's the Moon and all this heightened energy!!

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Happy New Moon Manifesting