Weekly Scope:: May 7th - May 13th

Aries Mar 21st – Apr 19th  Hello Aries! This week the Divine would like you to seek and maintain balance in your life – even with the more mundane and ordinary things like getting enough rest and eating right.  Be mindful of your relationships: business, romantic and family ones.  Know that there must be give and take in order for relationships to be successful.  If things are feeling out of balance, know that the situation is likely to improve.  Make sure you are tending to your health on all levels: mind, body, and soul.  Energy work to achieve balance with these levels of your being is likely to be particularly helpful for you.  Spirit is letting you know that this is a great time to look to the future and make plans.  Where do you want to go next?  Start thinking and making plans for your next big project, adventure or move.  If you are faced with choices or opportunities that are in conflict with each other, examine these paths with care.  Be open in your vision considering other points of view.  When you have determined what you want, proceed with confidence.  

Taurus Apr 20th – May 20th  Hello Taurus! This week the Divine is asking you to remember to pay attention to what “is” now, and the many blessings you are experiencing, and not worry about “what could be”.  Don’t spend too much time in self-pity or wishing your life away.  Place and maintain your focus on the things and people in your life that you have to be thankful for.  If you don’t like your job, instead of feeling trapped, turn your focus on being grateful that you have a means of income. Wishful thinking can take it's toll on the spiritual aspect of life.  When we are caught up in "poor me" thinking or "I wish things were different," it tends to blind us to the beauty of what IS in our lives, right now. Stay constant and grounded in the present moment. This is a great time to start a gratitude journal or to at least make a list of twenty things, people, or situations in your life that you are grateful for now. Thinking along these lines can elevate your spiritual mindset, which in turn can have a positive effect on your life.

Gemini May 21st – Jun 20th  Hello Gemini! This week should be a good week for you in the area of relationships.  You are likely to be feeling more than usually cared for, loved, and content.  Expect to be feel comfortable and appreciated in the workplace.  If you are worried about money, Spirit is letting you know that for the moment and near future, you should be finding that you have more than enough money to meet your obligations. If you are in a romantic relationship, keep working to maintain the balance in your partnership and enjoy the loving energy from your partner.  You are likely to be feeling “at one” with the energies of the universe and with yourself.  You should be feeling more than usually loving toward everyone and everything.  The Divine is guiding you to share that good energy. 

Cancer Jun 21st – Jul 22nd  Hello Cancer! This week you may be feeling like you need to take some time alone.  Don’t be hesitant in taking it!  Others may be pushing too hard for bits of your time and attention. Don't hesitate to draw boundaries for yourself or to say no. Spirit is letting you now that taking a time out to pull back from certain situations to get a better perspective is what is likely needed at this time.  This is a great time to take some time off from work if you can (even a long weekend.) you need a break and some perspective. Things are not likely to be going as you would like them to go, don't take this personally or try to push harder.  If you need to make a decision, sleep on it.  Give yourself more time to explore your options and develop a plan.  Think carefully before making your next move.  Consider using a spiritual approach to help you find clarity and direction: meditate, pray, and seek inner guidance.  Your soul is crying out for space and time alone, so be sure to take whatever time for yourself that you can. 

Leo Jul 23rd – Aug 22nd   Hello Leo! This week the Divine is telling you that it is time to step back and enjoy what your hard work has created.  You have worked hard, so now treat yourself to a little bit of indulgence.  After a bit of enjoyment, turn your focus on establishing more security for yourself and your family by putting some money away for the future. Spirit is telling you that this is a time to be grateful for all your blessings and to know that you have all that you need to live your life on your terms.  Do not settle for anything less.

Virgo Aug 23rd- Sep 22nd   Hello Virgo! This week Spirit is asking you to practice caution as you progress through your day.  If you are involved in any kind of competition, keep a watchful eye for anyone who may not be operating within the rules.  If you feel someone is “out to get you”, cover your tail, and make sure you are doing things the right way and you will not have any problems.  The Divine is guiding you to stay out of office politics.  Keep your nose to the grindstone and make sure your work is above reproach as it is likely that your employer is keeping a watchful eye on your conduct and work at this time.  With regards to your finances, this is not a good time to take risks or loan money, as you are likely to lose to a major degree.  You may have to make some tough choices around money, and Spirit is guiding you not to sacrifice your integrity just for a buck.  Your spiritual well being and self-esteem will suffer, and money can’t buy those things.

Libra Sep 23rd – Oct 22nd  Hello Libra! This week Spirit is letting you know that renewed good times are on the horizon for you.  You may consider leaving a situation that is no longer working for you.  If you are receiving gut feelings that tell you that you really need to get out of a relationship, job, or living arrangement, then trust yourself. Whenever there is a separation of this sort, there can be sadness involved, but in general, know that this is for your highest good. You can feel assured that you will be making the right choice.  If you feel stress impacting your health, be sure to pay attention to diet, exercise, and the amount of sleep you are getting.  Look for balance and keep positive.

Scorpio Oct 23rd – Nov 21st Hello Scorpio! This week the Divine is reminding you that you have all the tools you need to manifest your goals right under your nose.  It is a matter of focusing your will and determination until your goals are reached.  If you need to expand your skill or talent, then you must do so through consistent practice and attention to it.  Spirit is guiding you to stand in your power, assert your will, and to be bold in your actions this week.   You have everything you need to create magic in your life on all levels (professional, personal, health, and financial) whether that is through your willpower, courage or skill.  Now is the time to believe in yourself!

Sagittarius Nov 22nd – Dec 21st  Hello Sagittarius! This week the Divine is asking for you to be inclusive and welcoming to new people entering your world.  This is also a time to gather the people you love and enjoy the company, support, and energy you receive from them.  There may be a celebration of some significance this week.  Allow yourself to enjoy the good vibes from this.  Spirit is guiding you to keep moving toward your goals.  Success is just ahead.  The energy is right for possible improvement in finances this week, which is likely a result from the hard work you have been doing. If you find family and friends disagreeing with your spirituality, try not to let that bother you.  You believe the way you do for a reason and have the right to think the way you do.  All in all, a good week ahead.

Capricorn Dec. 22nd - Jan 19th  Hello Capricorn! This week you should be feeling full of energy, and ready to get things done. You’re entering a phase of increased self-confidence, which should help you toward your goals. News related to your work or career is likely to be very positive.  Look for projects to be more successful that you expect or predict them to be.  Take the time to feel proud of your accomplishments and decisions.  Your spiritual journey may begin to incorporate a new focus or direction.  Explore this new way thoroughly before jumping all in with your time and money.

Aquarius Jan 20th – Feb 18th   Hello Aquarius! This week you are likely to have challenges before you.  The Divine is letting you know that you are ore than ready to face them and to rely on your inner strength at this time and remain calm.  Do your best to bring peace to the situation by listening carefully and then using calm and strong persuasion to make your point.  This is not the time to push, so practice self-control. Patience is one of your virtues, so restrain your impulses, overcome your fears and be patient with yourself and what you are involved with at this time.  Since it is of utmost importance to keep your mind in a place of clarity, you should make the time to meditate or at the very least spend time alone to do some serious thinking or intention work. Spirit gives you the reminder that you are strong – most likely stronger than you think.  When times get difficult or at a low point, use your inner strength, focus your thoughts on the positive and watch things change for the better.

Pisces Feb 19th – Mar 20th  Hello Pisces! The Divine wants you to know that you are entering a positive and energetic phase this week.  If you are not already feeling joyful and optimistic, signs point that you soon could be.  Since energy will be high, this is a good time to start something new.  In fact, the feeling of newness or “new beginnings” may enter your work life as well as your romantic life.  This may take the form as a new position or project at work, one that will be eventually quite successful for you.  It could also indicate that your romantic relationship will undergo a restart that deepens your understanding of one another.   Be open to new spiritual influences that could spark a new path of enlightenment for you.  Perhaps this is in the form of a new spiritual role model or adding a spiritual practice, such as meditation, to your life.  This should be a positive week ahead for you.