Mercury Retrograde in Leo 🦁

Hide yo kids
Hide yo wife
Mercury is about to fuck with all yo shit.
Welcome to the retrograde, bitches.
—  the universe 💁🏿‍♀️

First of all, where by…what is retrograde?
Retrogrades are astronomically an where by a planet appears to be moving backward across the sky, due to earth ‘overtaking’ the planet in their rotation around the Sun 🌞 In relation to “As above, so below”, the energetic effect that retrograde planets conduct is an internalizing of that particular planetary energies. ・

Some keywords for retrogrades are::

Mercury Retrograde in Leo 🦁
7/26 - 8/19
Mercury rules Communication, Thinking, Technology and Mindset.‪ #MercuryRetrograde‬ in fixed fire ‪#Leo‬ brings bold, dramatic flare to conversation and helps you RE/ORGANIZE your priorities.

Stay Calm!
Think Before You Act!