Fear Be Gone Spell!



Fear is something we all experience. It can cause resentment and pain, as well as keep us from living the life we truly desire. People complain often about the lack of happiness and joy in their life but sometimes we have to look at ourselves. What’s keeping you from obtaining your desires? We can’t let fear keep us from taking our dynamic action! We have to overcome fear so that we can take action, get results, try new things and ultimately create our destiny. You are responsible for your life at this point. Overcome fear and do the work to manifest everything you ever wanted. This spell to overcome fear will help you do just that.

Cast this spell during the waning or dark phase of the moon. In this phase, the moon is decreasing, just as we want our fear to decrease and release during this time. You can also get technical and cast your spell on a Sunday, Saturday, or Friday. I always do my ritual as needed, when I need it, and don’t have time to waste.

The choice is yours. You can add gemstones, incense, and music to enhance the energy in your spell. Make sure you have no distractions, do a cleansing bath or shower before you begin, and ask your ancestors, guides, and higher power to lead you and allow the information to flow through you at this time.

What You’ll Need:

Black & Blue Candle  or Double Action Black and Blue Candle (black on top, blue bottom)

Pencil or Craving knife (to write on the candle)

Brown Paper Bag or Parchment Paper

Affirmations to be read before your spell:

Today I am choosing tranquility instead of fear.  I am capable of controlling my feelings of fear and will choose to.  I choose relaxation and well-being.  Situations, people, things, places, animals do not make me fearful. I will keep going even though I feel the emotion of fear and I will be OK.

Take your black candle and carve the word of the fear you are releasing. Black is for banishing. Take your blue candle and write a word that is healing to you. Blue is for healing. Light your candles.

As it burns to say the following:

The candle burns, so does my fear,

To the divine, I ask you hear,

Protect me from this constant dread,

This spell is done and all is said!

Conclude with thanks to your ancestors, guides, angels, and higher power you invited into your space, and close your circle. You can properly extinguish your candles by snuffing it or let them burn right down. This is a simple and effective ritual.