Aries Full Moon ☾♈︎

Aries Full Moon arrives September 24th ♈︎

7:53 pm Los Angeles

9:53 pm Chicago

10:53 pm New York/ Toronto

On September 24th we have a Full Moon in Aries (☾♈︎).  Aries is the first of the astrological signs It bursts into existence through fire! 

This is the start of a new life right now for us all as we move through the purification of fire. A Full Moon is always a time to let go of anything that's out dated for you. We grow, we change and we can manifest any life we choose! Right now is the time to take action! Don't wait for 'the right time' Do whats on your soul! Let go of the old to make way for the new!

Are you ready for this Full Moon in Aries? Come September 24th the moon will enter Aries at 2°. Full Moons always Illuminate an area of life, they ask us to close a chapter and open a new door. They signify an end, a choice, & a need to comprise.

This fierce, forceful Full Moon arrives at 2° Aries (☾♈︎). This Full Moon in September is also known as the Harvest Moon and Harvest Moons are about getting ready to reap your rewards ( you reap what you sow, perfect is sown). It is time to fine tune or complete the goals you made on the September the New Moon. The Aries Full Moon is highly independent and reminds you to honor your needs and desires. The Moon influences your emotions and ability to see what is most important to you. What are you willing to stand up for? Where do you need to express your emotions more? Aries is “me” oriented. When the Moon is in Aries, the Sun is in Libra. Libra is “we” focused. Libra promotes equality, and creating balance and fairness. The Full Moon illuminates what has been hidden from view. It sheds light on limitations that hold you back from success. You may see how you are sabotaging yourself as the moon illuminates hidden aspects of yourself. The Full Moon stirs your emotions and if used wisely will push you out of your comfort zone, and breakthrough obstacles. Pay attention to how you feel.

It is also the Autumn Equinox today as the sun enters Libra (☼♎︎) Relationships are highlighted right now. Light and Dark are equal, Sun and Moon, Day and Night, Male and Female energies. There is a perfect balance that we can tune into at this time, so if you're feeling out of balance, take time to bring yourself back into a balanced place. Maybe you need more rest? Maybe you need more fun?

Relationships can be up for review. Take excellent care of yourself, love yourself the way you want to be loved and love others the way you want to be loved. Destiny will take care the rest.

Happy Full Moon!