Shady Seven of Swords ⚔️ 🃏.


It’s #TarotTuesday

Today's Card Sep. 4th Shady Seven of Swords ⚔️ 🃏.

Seven of Swords is a representing sneakiness. Handling a difficult situation with finesse.

Be careful who you trust, listen to your gut feeling! A time for honesty, and to be on the lookout for those who don't have your best interests at heart. Don't avoid the truth. #SevenofSwords is a card of deception and betrayal. It indicates the difficulty of trying to ‘get away with something’.

#SevenofSwords is telling you to Watch your back!!! Someone in your circle doesn't have good intentions. Have you been ignoring someone's actions for fear of the ultimate confrontation? Handling a difficult situation with finesse. This card indicates it’s time to act!

side note: keep your wits about you today. You will figure out what is really going on.

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