Broom Magick ✨

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Broom Magick ✨

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A Broom is a powerful tool in magical and spiritual practices. Aside from its practical uses of sweeping away dirt, the broom represents balance of the masculine and feminine, the handle representing the male and the brush representing the female. Furthermore, in traditional marriages, the broom is laid before the couple and they are to jump over it representing the transition from one state of life to the other.

It is a sign of new beginnings and blessings. In some witchcraft practices, the broom is a representation of crossing over to the astral (unseen) realms, which is where the idea of witches flying on a broomstick came about.

In the old days, in my culture, my grandmother shared a belief where when someone’s child would stay out too late the mother would step outside with a broom, place it on the floor before the front door with the stick facing upwards as a way to spiritually call to the child making them come home.

In addition, she told me of a story where it was believed that one household should not own more than one broom, as it would bring about bad luck. The exception to this rule was if a family member died a relative would bring a second broom to the house and sweep from the back door to the front while the doors are left open in order to release the departed spirit from the home. It was also a daily ritual for her grandmother (my great grandmother) to sweep the front porch in order to remove negative spirits from the premises.

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