Lingam Oral Massage 🍆💦

“A lingam oral massage can be a deeply emotional healing tool for men.”



The Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ is Lingam and is loosely translated as "Wand of Light." In Tantra or Sacred Sexuality, the Lingam is respectfully viewed and honored, as a "Wand of Light" that channels creative energy and pleasure.

 A Lingam Oral Massage allows a man to experience a higher level of pleasure. The beauty of the lingam oral massage is that the pleasure is on both sides: the giver and the receiver. The challenge many men face during a Lingam Oral Massage is to free their mind and to receive pleasure.

Because to do this fully, and to go deeply into the feelings, sensations, and emotions, requires vulnerability. So before men can allow themselves to feel vulnerable, they need to feel safe. The first step to an unforgettable lingam oral massage is a safe and sacred space.


Creating this space is an expression of love which allows your partner to be vulnerable, to let go and to slide deeply into his pleasure. 🍆👄💦



Make sure the temperature is right, warmth is vital. I can’t emphasize this enough. If your partner is not warm, he won’t be able to relax, go into his body, or get into the experience. Entice his senses. Soft lighting & music (without words) will add to space. Incense can work beautifully, but remember your partner’s sense of smell can be very different than your own. Use oils, oil feels delicious on his skin. The plainer the oil, the better it is for him. My recommendation is Coconut Oil. Warm the oil by putting it in a bowl of hot water. Make sure the oil is not hot; you don’t want to burn him.

Be compassionate. For many men, this might be the first time they get touched this way. Some may not be sure how to react or respond. And whatever you do communicate with him. Tell him to breathe, to relax and to allow himself to embrace whatever he’s feeling. Make Him & Yourself Comfortable!! 


Have your man lie on his back and get him comfortable with cushions. Place them under his head, his neck, his back, and his bum, whatever he needs to be able to relax. Sit between his legs, or next to him, in a position that’s comfortable for you. Connect. Begin by placing one hand on his heart center (in the middle of his chest) and your other hand on his genitals. Breathe. Spend a few moments looking into each other’s eyes. Allow the warmth of your body to flow into him, and imagine the boundary that separates your physical bodies to disappear.




Start With His Groin. Then start by gently stroking his groin crease. Go up and down. Make circles with your fingertips. Squeeze, Stroke, Lick, & Suck. Now move over to his penis and hold it in your hands. Start to gently squeeze and stroke his penis… slowly… very slowly. 

Try each stroke a little differently: hard, soft, fast, slow – ask him what he prefers.

#1 The Milker: Milk your hands alternately up his lingam. Start at the base, and move all the way up past the head.

#2 Anvil: This is the opposite of the Milker. Apply long strokes from the head all the way down, alternating hands.

#3 Corkscrew: Hold the base with one hand, stroke up the shaft to the head with the other hand and corkscrew your hand off the head.

Any of these strokes can take him to orgasm. They can also cause very different feelings and sensations. Whatever way it unfolds, this will surely be a beautiful and powerful experience of pleasure for you and your partner and an incredible gift of love. Changing our breath changes the way we experience things, in all areas of life. Especially when it comes to sex. Before you begin going down on your partner, gently kiss on and around his lingam, gently lick around his lingam start further away from his tip and slowly get closer and closer. Again, be present and mindful, not only to what is happening for your partner, but what is happening within yourself as well. Gently start to use your mouth on his lingam. Remember that lingam oral message is all about deep emotional and healing!


Hope you and your partner have fun exploring Today! 💘✨