New Moon Virgo ☾♍︎

Virgo New Moon arrives September 9th ♍︎

11:01 am Los Angeles

1:01 pm Chicago

2:01 pm New York


September is a 9 universal month with a new moon on the 9th. The 999 portal will be activated and open for the next few weeks. 9 is the number of completion, endings and transformation. September is going to be a major metamorphosis of what we have all been working towards.

Are you ready for this New Moon in Virgo? Come September 9th the moon will enter Virgo at 17°. New moons occur when the sun and moon are both in the same sign, and are considered to be favorable times for new beginnings and starting new tasks in your life. 

This Organize, Go Getter New Moon arrives at 17° Virgo (☾♍︎). This new moon asks us to believe that anything is possible. This Virgo new moon wants you to clear and cleanse our mind, body, and soul. Embrace the unknown and feel our way through it. What do you want for yourself? Who do you dream of becoming? Now is the time to set those intentions, and to set those actions in motion so that you can embody what you have dreamt of. Virgo season is all about healing the Divine Feminine. Now is the time let go of perfection and nitpicking and instead embrace our imperfections as perfections. Virgo also concerns our health, daily routines, and workspace. Are these areas which you want to improve or heal? Then write your intentions today, in the present tense, and put all of your energy into the intentions. Use this energy for self-healing and find a balance between thinking and intuition.

Also on 9/9/9 Venus moves into Scorpio-love (♀♏︎) and values become no frills, requiring depth and connection.