New Moon Capricorn Partial Solar Eclipse!

Capricorn New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse arrives January 5th ♑︎

5:28 pm Los Angeles

7:28 am Chicago

8:28 am New York/ Toronto


On January 5th we have a New Moon in Capricorn (☾♑︎).  New Moon within the sign of Capricorn and it will actually be a partial solar eclipse! When the New moon is in a partial solar eclipse, it can actually extend the effects felt to up to 6 months rather than a few weeks like a regular new moon.


What is the New Moon?

The new moon is just like the name, it’s all about new things & new beginnings! It’s time to buckle up & start setting your intentions & foundation for what you wish to accomplish. The new moon is a rebirth - a fresh start….


What is the New Moon good for in the sign of Capricorn?

When the new moon is in the sign of Capricorn, it’s good for creating & setting intentions for all the things Capricorn. Capricorn planetary ruler is Saturn.  It’s represent Career, Business, Financial stability, Building something literally & metaphorically…. like a business) Self reputation, Maturity/Responsibility, inner limitations, etc. To further explain, Capricorn in the place of the New Moon & the partial solar eclipse, can tell us a lot about our inner self & our inner limitations. It helps us to focus on where we want to go, what we want to do, & overall, where we can eventually go and what we can build off of. It’s time to contemplate our goals and future - especially financially & career related. Pains will eventually become internal wisdom and growth that will help you on your path. The struggles that we will all face will be worth it in the end.


What are the affects of the New Moon?

Some of the things you may experience during this time include: joint/bone/back pains or aches, issues with adults or authority figures, a need for emotional/financial/or any other kind of stability, feeling tired physically, pushing your limits, working a lot, struggles with moods or mental limits, life lessons, etc.💥


✅This moon’s energy is great for making a vision board, shifting into serious changes in your life for your own self betterment, and long term manifestation.


❌This is not a great time to socialize, as friendships may feel lacking in depth right now. Everyone is mostly focused on their own stuff right now- be it work, play, health, or family. 

❤Now is the time to make sure head and your heart are united in a goal. If your heart’s not in it, you may need to re-evaluate or configure a better idea suited for yourself. 

📓It can be a time of doing the *hard thing,* so the considerably less fun tasks come to our attention. We will be more willing to do them, knowing when they’re complete, that’s one less stressful thing on our plate. Practicality seems to step in and sooth that “I don’t wanna” mindset into “Lets get it over with”⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

☀This solar eclipse will open the door for us to really *grow* into ourselves. Self love, care, and potential epiphanies relating to self may come up. Overall, this eclipse brings energies to really take more charge of our lives- setting goals personal for ourselves even if they don’t make sense to others. This shift puts a spotlight on self made purpose and fate. 

eclipse magic: potent for redirecting focus. for this partial lunar eclipse, part of moon is darkened. light can be obscured and amplified depending on the kind of eclipse, so how can this shift in focus/illumination guide you? where can you direct your energy in terms of personal projects, relationships and priorities? what needs to be released, and what deserves more of your attention? where might some of your creature comforts and emotional tendencies create tension, discomfort or disharmony in your life? also consider the ways that the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligning for this special event: how can you align your unique ways of seeing, perceiving and engaging with the world to create harmony and abundance?

  • capricorn: efficiency, steady progress, thoughtfulness, understanding limitations and capabilities, decisiveness, tangible process and material results. how can capricorn’s realist and practical approach serve your efforts? what needs to be overcome before committing to something? working with black tourmaline, rosemary for clarity and encouraging creativity, smoky quartz for discerning what is no longer necessary, clear quartz to help strengthen and amplify what is needs more focus.

Love Queen Bee 🐝