Road Opener 🚘

#WitchWisdomWednesday 🌹

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Road Opener 🚘 .

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Road Opener is a powerful spiritual aid when trying to clear away remnants of past blockages, set-backs, or slow-downs. It is used to open the door to a better future, both when remedying crossed conditions and when embarking upon new ventures.

So, what kind of obstacles can be cleared away with road opener formulas? People, places and things...virtually, any kind of obstacle can be eliminated, whether it is internal or external. Some examples of obstacles include:

Negative outlook on life

Naysayers and sabotagers

Financial stagnation

Emotional blockages

Conflicts with other people

Lack of opportunities


Legal problems

Confusion and inability to think clearly

Writer’s block

Evil Eye (Mal de Ojo)

Illness and disease

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Ideally, road opener spells are performed during a waxing moon, which is the time when you want to draw in opportunities or during a waning moon to get rid of obstacles. As with most of my spellwork uncrossings, protection and an aura cleanse is included. Comment below if you like for us to sell these candles on our website πŸ•―