Full Moon Virgo 🕊 ♍︎


Full Moon Virgo 🕊 arrives February 19 ♍︎

7:53 pm Los Angeles

9:53 am Chicago

10:53 am New York/ Toronto


On February 19th we have a Full Moon in Virgo (☾♍︎)🌕. The full moon occurs at 1° in Virgo, she makes a lovely trine to Mars in Taurus. During this time we feel a great sense of achievement for we notice our efforts to tidy up, whether it be at home or at work. With the Moon trine Mars aspect, this lets us accomplish a lot of work and make professional progress. Assertiveness can really benefit you during this time. The downside to this may be overcommitting ourselves the key is to not take on too much responsibilities.


What is the Full Moon?

A full moon is the last cycle of the moon. A full moon is always a powerful time for meditation, energy healing, and recharging your energy field and chakras. The full moon shines down so much pure energy that anything it touches can’t help but feel its radiance and love. The supermoon effect amplifies that power and makes it even stronger.


What is the Full Moon good for in the sign of Virgo?

This Tuesday, we’ll be bathing under the light of a VIRGO SUPERMOON. This Full Moon will be closer than usual to Earth, strengthening the impact of energy released during this time. Virgo calls on us to act in a practical and productive manner; to find stability through precision. This is the time to let go of the messiness, the inconsistency, and anything that you are feeling less than secure about. Pisces season can bring out intense emotions and mood swings, and by utilizing this Full Moon energy to check in and adjust, we’ll be able to navigate those waters with confidence. To quote everyone’s tía Jenifer Lewis, “leave that NERVOUS shit at home…it’s BORING!”.


What are the effects of the New Moon?

Thought based energy may be incredibly strong, let it have an outlet. Create or meditate when you need a break. Pulls toward new people, ideas, or philosophies may come about- embrace these pulls. To grow, it’s necessary to get out of our comfort zones. While we may be in a charitable mood, don’t throw yourself under the bus. It’s great to feel needed, but you still need to take care of you. Humanitarian efforts or awareness may increase with this moon. 💥

Virgo full moon affirmations

☾ I move in alignment with my highest self. I affirm my ability to merge timelines and rejoice as everything comes to me with ease.

☾ I choose to let my heart and intuition lead. there is no need for me to give into a false sense of self. if it isn’t working, I can simply let it go. there is nothing to maintain or uphold.

☾ celebrate what is working and express gratitude for what comes into my life. I recognize my role in attracting everything that comes my way. I am able to discern what I will embrace and what I will let go.

☾ I meet everything with full and whole acceptance. I look beyond labels, confines, and illusions of separation. I celebrate the necessity of all things. I laugh and rejoice at life’s fruits. everything is so sweet.

☾ I move in alignment and with complete ease. I part with what feels forced. I part with what does not fulfill me. I part with what does not resonate now, though I accept that at one point it may have resonated with me deeply

☾ I exist in sweetness and joy, taking pride in my efforts and energy and relishing in the abundance I’ve created for myself. I take this time to celebrate my achievements and continue to choose myself, my highest self, above all.


Queen Bee 👸🏽🐝