April - Full Moon Libra ⚖️

4:14 pm Los Angeles

6:14 am Chicago

7:14 pm New York/ Toronto


Happy Full Moon Libra, Bees 🐝. There’s really only a few things you gotta know to successfully navigate the next two weeks and close out the first lunar cycle of the new Astrological year. Let’s fucking do it ✨.


So, everything has been changing. We’ve been saying it for months, you’ve been watching it happen in your own life and in the world. Nothing new here. But as you move through these changes and level up to new spaces in your life, challenges pop up. You get to decide whether or not you’re ready to move forward in your life. The important thing you gotta know as you deal with all these little challenges is that it’s your attitude that’s being put to the test, nothing else.


It’s Aries season. Part of the Aries archetype is learning how to deal with past fears, insecurities and lack of self-confidence, so you can actually move forward and start fresh with a new cycle. But all the heavy-ass baggage from the past (thanks for not letting go, Pisces, damn) is ready to weigh you down if you let it 💫.

It is the 2nd Libra ♎︎ full moon in a month. This full moon has a lot of instability and unexpected energy. The full moon is opposite Uranus and the ruler of the full moon is creating an inconjunct to the moon. Relationships, values, and self-love come into play. It could feel chaotic and like everything is being shaken and it makes it hard to find the answers we need. But in moments of internal stillness, we can separate the noise and find the clarity we need. Being on an anaretic degree and opposite to Uranus, this moon is ready to transition by liberating but not before we can look for the balance needed in our lives. There is a sense that we must hurry to figure out the answers regarding our relationships. And Uranus is pressing upon the freedom we need within and without each other. That’s where internal stillness can help. The noise is loud on this one but we can find what we need, imagine being a rock during a windstorm, everything is swirling but we can be centered within

Everyone has issues. Everyone has patterns of behavior that are fucked-up in their very own, unique way. But, we’re at this special space in time where everyone, everyone, is being given the opportunity to change and shed some conditioned behavior skin. However, you gotta show that you’re ready for change. The key to success over the next two weeks is to reflect on your attitude towards any little tests and trip-ups: what’s your attitude? Why is that your mindset? Is this an authentic reaction or a conditioned one? Are you ready to cut the bullshit and move forward, or do you still have some shit you gotta work out? It’s cool if you still got some shit to work out, we all do. Over the next two weeks, the important action is to just notice and acknowledge it.

Also, focus on the blessings, loves. Because blessings and challenges are equally rampant when you’re starting a new phase of your life.

Happy Full Moon 🌕⚖️.

photo credit - Instagram - @yinshadowz