Mars Signs and Sex ♂ 

➳ Mars ♂enters Gemini ♊︎ ➳

When the planet of action, drive, and sex enters communicative Gemini, we can say goodbye to boredom. We are excited to explore new ideas and new hobbies. So many new things peak our interest during this transit, it’s hard to stay focused on one thing for too long. It’s important to try to stay on track as much as possible, or realize there are many tracks to take us to our goal for that matter. While discovering new things satisfies the need for discovery, it could leave us scattered and unfocused. When it comes to intimacy, we simply need a mental connection with our partners before anything else. Ultimately, we find that there is so much to discover and this is just the time to do it.

Mars Signs and Sex ♂ 

Use Mars sign!!! You could also look at Venus, Sun, or 8th house cusp, but they would have a lesser effect. Aspects to mars and house position will influence this.

Aries: Quick to get aroused, little foreplay. Rough and aggressive sex. Hair pulling. Selfish in bed. Probably really like doggystyle, and having sex against a desk or a table. They don’t last long but they’re always up for a second round. Unexpected sex, be ready to do it anywhere.

Taurus: Sensual. Great stamina, sex goes for a long time and incorporates a lot of foreplay. One of the more vanilla signs, but they do rule the throat so choking may occur. Steady rhythm, they really penetrateyou or want the same done to them. Can be submissive, usually let their partner do the work. Have their habits in bed.

Gemini: Dirty talk. They like a fast paced rhythm and really enjoy oral. Really good with their fingers, they like they’re partner to be vocal in bed. Need variety to keep them interested, usually like to try everything at least once. Generally dislike long sessions, but are up for doing it several times a day.

Cancer: Honestly they might be into the whole slave act, submissive. Missionary, kissing while making eye contact.The idea of getting pregnant can turn them on. Romantic in bed. Loves having their nipples played with or doing the same to their partner.

Leo: Dominant in bed, they want to hear how good they are so they pay a lot of attention to their partner. Tbh probably likes to watch themselves have sex, home pornos or mirror sex. Sex acts are a show for them, they’ll dress up and set the scene, might do some sexy dancing/stripping. If you’re selfish in bed or don’t acknowledge them they’re gone.

Virgo: Very submissive, probably likes the whole ‘babygirl/princess’’ thing. Also enjoy the slave concept. Focused on pleasing their partner rather than themselves. Roleplaying that its their first time would turn them on i imagine. Cuckold.

Libra: They want a balance between pleasure that is given and received. Picky about the setting, not into rough or vulgar sex. Traditional positions, missionary. Honestly they like to watch sex acts, threesomes maybe but thats for the more out there ones.

Scorpio: Either really dominant or submissive, they like power plays. Lots of stamina, powerful rhythm. Probably likes things like ropes and handcuffs, they like to break taboos. Pain turns them on,  probably likes biting and scratching. Hickeys to show possession. 

Sagittarius: Quick, light-hearted sex. Rapid rhythm. Probably likes having sex outside. Cowgirl position. They don’t like to spend too much time and are usually not interested in a romantic element. Can be selfish. Need constant change of stimulation to keep them interested, be adventurous. Ass-grabbing and spanking.

Capricorn: Very kinky, dominant in bed. Roleplays involving them being a police officer or an authority figure of some kind. Probably also likes handcuffs and ropes, although never on themselves. Better than average stamina, lots of force and determination in their rhythm lmao. Daddy doms.

Aquarius: This is the one sign that would try those kamasutra positions. Likes toys, vibrators ect. Risky sex where they can get caught. Webcam sex. Detached during sex. Taboo things, like to break the barriers. Group sex. Probably not too into the traditional positions.

Pisces: Honestly open to anything, they will play any role they have to. Their default is very submissive, focused on your pleasure but it comes naturally to them. Generally isn’t into the rough stuff, but can be open to it. Probs like sex under the influence. Fantasies are a big thing. Sex in the shower. 

Note:This isn’t aimed solely at straight cis individuals, you can penetrate someone with a lot of things lol. 

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