May - Full Moon Scorpio 🦂

Can you feel the seductive and mysterious vibes in the air?

This full moon is considered a seasonal blue moon. Scorpio full moons are a powerful time for releasing, cleansing, and transforming your life.

Scorpio is the sign that rules death, rebirth and spiritual transformations. The blue moonlight will help release burdens and anything else you no longer need. Let it fall. The Scorpio energy will allow you to look deep within yourself, figure out what’s holding you back, what’s hurting you, and give you strength to let it all go. Listen to the depth of your heart and soul.

On May 18th we will experience the third full moon of the trinity of “self" full moons this year. Scorpio will force us to look in our depth, to dig in our lives, to face the truth head-on.

We had a Full Moon in Libra in April, to have another Full Moon in Libra one after another, and this Full Moon in Scorpio will complete the three cycles. The first one made chaos in our lives, the next gave us clarity, this one will give us the ugly truth of this world 🌕✨.

Let it go. It’s a great message I been getting all week which is very in tune with tomorrow’s Scorpio full moon. Let go of what no longer serves you. Engage only in positivity and things that make you a better you. It’s time for forgiveness most importantly it’s time to forgive yourself of anything that's been making you feel low.

The Full Moon (Blue Moon) in Scorpio, May 18th, is an indication of endings (Scorpio rules the 8th house of endings), that will be very intense, emotional, transformative experiences/events happening around this time.    Bear in mind this could be a painful or cathartic experience.   Whatever occurs will be a cause/catalyst for transformations to take place, that may not seem positive at the time but will later prove to be just that.

This can be a rather intense full moon. The Moon is in its fall in Scorpio, where it can symbolize suspicion and mistrust. At its worst, a Scorpio moon can be jealous, suspicious, vengeful. Scorpio energy has tendencies of holding grudges, so this is a very important time to let go of some things that are holding you back so that you are emotionally free to grab onto better things coming your way.

At its best, Scorpio Moon can be magical, honest, and impossible to fool. Scorpio energy tends to be deep and mysterious, so this is a good time to go deep within yourself and find in your heart what is truly upsetting you. What distress do you need to release, and can you use forgiveness to do it?

So this week, ask yourself, “have I been brooding or dark lately? Have I been focusing on the negative instead of the positive?” I’m going to share with you a current experience I am having since I started deeply studying astrology. So, I am knee deep in astrology books right now, studying my butt off so that I’m ready to go to some conferences next year. Recently, if I’m having a conversation with my husband, I can’t remember people we used to know, but I didn’t like them. Maybe they did us dirty years ago, or they were trying to take advantage of someone else so I kept my distance. Whatever the case, I can’t remember these people at all now, and it’s so freeing. Letting go of that past opens up my future and literally my mind for better things.

When we forgive others, even if they don’t deserve it, it is important. Forgiveness isn’t doing them a favor, they could still be a piece of the crap person who will never change. Forgiveness is doing yourself a favor, it’s allowing yourself to let go of feelings, memories, and people that no longer help you. Forgiveness is moving on without the baggage.

Some people say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I don’t know about you, but to me, an enemy is a part of a competition. An enemy is a current or future threat. You keep them close so you can anticipate their next move. If the person you have a grudge about hasn’t talked to you in years and are off living their life, then let go of what happened and live your life without them crossing your brain at all. I know that is easier said than done, trust me. It’s taken me years to forgive some things.

But, imagine having to be tied to everyone you have a grudge about. Everywhere you go, they are there, you have to drag them with you everywhere. To the grocery store, to work, to your wedding day as you walk down the aisle, while you’re trying to do all the things you love. Even moments alone with yourself, they are still there staring at you. It’d be way more freeing if you cut those cords and just walked away.

This Scorpio Full Moon is also a good time to assess your feelings about money. Release any fear-based emotions you have about money. Let go of any anxiety, grief, jealousy, or rage you have towards money and earning it. Enter a state of gratitude and redefining your terms of abundance.

This full moon, think about who you are upset with. It could even be yourself. Ask yourself, what does it do for me to hold this grudge? What would releasing this upset do for me? Ask yourself what fears you have around money? Go deeper and ask yourself where did those fears come from?

Then during this full moon, make a list of everyone and very upset that you are forgiving. Include yourself if you feel the need. The read the list out loud and declare you are forgiving and releasing them with love. Then, while practicing fire safety, burn the list. I recommend writing your list on something that burns quicker than notebook paper. Use coffee filters, tissue paper, gift wrap, or even dried plant leaves. You should feel a major lift of energy, as you are now free of all that negativity.

Drink a lot of water, and fill that new empty spot with good things and people that bring positivity, value, and peace within your life. Watch how blessings will fill those spots in your life where that grudge was, just as the full moon lights up the dark night sky. You did the work in bettering yourself, live your life in joy rather than fear and anger. Because anger is just an argument with yourself.

Happy Full Moon 🌕

Full Moons represents the part of the planting cycle when flowers start to emerge. We are aware of how our work affects others. Our thoughts and emotions become more visible and clear. We are open to others influence and working together.

Full Moon in Scorpio takes sour relationships and finances to the dark side, but it’s for the best. These fights and missed opportunities create positive breakthroughs by eliminating bad habits and people from your life. This full moon also trines Chiron, the wounded healer, meaning that when removing the “bad” from our life we can heal our deep issues without any problems or distractions. As well as its sextile to Pluto, adding that transformation and rebirth energy. We may also find trouble with communicating our emotional problems out with this opposition to mercury. It almost seems as if the mind is going one direction and feeling are going another. and emotional awareness tops rational decision making. It’s best to try to balance the mind and emotional nature at this time. Lastly, with its trine to Neptune, we are able to listen to our intuition for guidance.

What do to for this full moon?

Light blue and white candles for protection

Take care of your throat chakra, you can listen to throat chakra (vishuddha) frequencies on youtube or put charged blue crystals right above your throat. Why the throat chakra is important with this full moon is that they are both blue. Scorpio has never been nice, negativity attracts negativity, humans with already low vibrations will manifest malicious forces, if you are psychic or sensitive, there are high chances of it affecting you too,the low vibrational humans will try to drag you down to their chaotic, ignorant way of living because their spirit is jealous of your Light. They will attack your inner voice, you may feel like you have a dry throat, or you may experience neck pain like your goal isn´t as clear anymore, you may not express yourself as strong anymore, detachment and anxiety to be social or be open are symptoms.You have to remember that you´re a soldier of the Light, we are Godessess, living on earth with our own unique purpose.”I honor my inner voice, I speak MY truth, I have an opinion, I feel safe with myself”

Lastly, love yourself, thank the Full Moon for showing us the true sides of people, for taking away people we no longer need and for introducing us new friendships, I wish you many blessings and Peace 💗