May - New Moon Taurus 🐃

Taurus New Moon is such a grand time for ya’ll to enjoy it, it’s time to let go of that god awful negative energy…

(we still have a long way to go with all the rx rn ya’ll) and spend a little time gathering what you have, your blessings, what you’re grateful for and small, tiny thoughts/simplified ideas for the future.

Amplify the goodness, the graciousness, and gratefulness by expanding more on that than the negatives. Yes, we all have frustrations, we still have plenty of ‘🗣wait a minute I am ANGRY about something’ energy going on, and some are even more amped up about it w/ the other transits as well. 

But you know what? Taurus says to take a look at yourself. What you’re doing. It’s giving you a mild but hard/unwavering stare (of gentle dissuasion). It’s telling you to focus, sighs and goes ‘well what am we going to do to make staying in our lane easier on us?’

It’s time to ignore what the next door farm is doing ya’ll. Even when you’re curious or go there for ‘research’. It’s time to pay more attention to yourself, what you have. Your own secret garden has grown and flourish – but needs a little trimming and maintenance. So it’s time to put some care back into yourself now, what you have, or what you want to grow (the next step/plan that you simply want to have in the future) 

I’m going to grow some fruits.. so I can have them in my garden, gather them when they’re ripe and eat them alone– or with friends/guests/family later.

It’s time for some grooming work or well – just sitting in and taking notice of what you have, how far you’ve come, what your current status is. Smell the flowers if they’ve blossomed, if you have weeds – you don’t have to agitate about weeding them, we’re going to prep the entire garden anyways. We’re just taking stock/inventory and being conscious/mindful of what we have for now.

With that— we need seeds to plant. So we’re buying seeds – what kind of things do you want to grow?  What would you like to see more of/smell more of? What do you want to harvest when it’s done? What can you enjoy? Things for the future, things you’ve already started, things you have right now or even things you’ve been thinking about/just came with and want to see it manifest for yourself. 

Gather your seeds — the more you can see what color they’ll sprout in your garden, the more you can co-ordinate them in your bigger plan drawing for it. You’re your own architect, the client is yourself, and your resources are what you own/have. Plan, design, enjoy the craft/experience and focus in on that good manifestation energy. 

The simpler the better, cause you never know what the future will bring. Have a tight grasp on the ideas, be concise and not frivolous. Trust that the future will bring expansion and growth – so all you have to do, is just decide on the ‘core’ of it all. What you want that will make you happy – now, later, maybe even during the process. 

Phew, that’s a lot of gardening work. But it’ll be fruitful when the time comes, make sure to enjoy your day. Make some tea, sit with the birds. Watch some plants, leaves, building or the sky. 

This Taurus New Moon energy also coincide with Ramadan which lasts until the new Moon cycle (the new moon on Eid/this year June 4th — is a new moon in Gemini stationing and moving into cancer) So keep stock of yourself, be patience, tolerant, enjoy things with friends, family, people around you. 

This powerful New Moon is occurring at 14° Taurus!

1 + 4 = 5 and in numerology, number 5 indicates big changes! We can all feel the dizzying intensity of the Universe rearranging itself.

This is a very stressful time due to the heavy transformative energy that Taurus does not easily accept. But it is of the utmost importance that we all try to hang on and push through! It is like we are coal and the Universe is turning us to diamonds.

Try not to keep to yourself this New Moon 💕Venus is the ruler of Taurus remember? – so if you were going to stay locked up in your room, in bed, by yourself – perhaps consider going downstairs or outside to hang out with people around you (a comfortable sharing of space-time, you don’t have to exert yourself if you don’t want to, but let them see your face)

Usually the Taurus New Moon 🌙 is when we slow down after we’ve set fire to things during Aries season. However this year there’s a lot of lightening ⚡️ energy happening in Taurus, so now instead of lighting matches as we did during Aries season, you’re throwing lightening bolts during Taurus season ♉️ , and instead of the energy shifting to a slower pace, it’s only ramping up.

Nevertheless Taurus is still the sign of lounging in paradise. Speaking of frenetic energy, it’s especially the revolutionaries who need this rest and replenish to go back into the fight. This New Moon see yourself as the sexy warrior you are (because, what’s sexier than championing the most beautiful thing-justice?), and that you’re invited to a fabulous garden party. Twinkling lights are strung through the trees, delectable food is served on fine China plates, you’ve put down your shield to wear a frilly frock, and you’re ready to chat with the other party goers about their current journeys toward freedom 🌹.