Sex Talk - Respect, Trust, Openness Episode Four.

In Tantric Sex you have to let down your gaurd. Respect, Trust, Openness is key to enjoying the bliss experience.



Sacred Sex is done by sacred bodies and spirits, and for that work, you need to appreciate each other's needs and rights. You don't have to agree on everything for some couples, a little difference is the spice of life - but you must feel that your lover sees you as a good, reasonable, and interesting human beings who deserves to be heard. You will be learning from each other, so respect each other as both student and teacher.


Nothing distracts from ecstasy like feeling that our partner won't catch us if we fall. Everyone makes mistakes, so a lover doesn't have to be infallible, but make sure you each know that you sincerely intend to stand by each other and treat vulnerability with kindness.


To please a partner, we have to know what pleases them. Tantra sex involves exploring different ways of being, as well as revealing very private truths: partners need to be open and comfortable with the intimacy that goes with telling each other what they're really thinking and feeling.

A partner who's truly unwilling to try these things is shutting themselves off from the bliss that Tantric sex can offer - but Tantric sex can also help to build them. Give yourselves to the experience, and let it connect you.🍭✨

Sex Talk - Respect, Trust, Openness Episode Four.