This particular full moon occurs as a partial lunar eclipse, which symbolizes “death and rebirth,” letting go of things that no longer serve you, facing your dark, “shadow,” side, and abrupt, large-scale changes.

It will focus your attention towards your emotions and reactions, intimate relationships, and your family. 

The Full Moon in Capricorn will be felt on a much deeper level, maybe a bit harsh.

 We might feel the urge to self-reflect, being confronted with our self-esteem and how we handle criticism. It’s good to take the time to release these feelings of unworthiness and doubt, and whatever else no longer serves us.

 The Eclipse will reveal those who have bad intentions, who want to harm you. Liars, manipulators, and any secrets that are kept from you. Be warned, you will be exposed to someone’s true colors, regardless of who they are. This can and most likely will bring conflicts with those around you, but you will finally see who is good for you and who isn’t. 

This is the time to learn self-discipline. Any habits that you’ve been trying to kick, anything that you want to improve on, now is the time to set the intentions to do that. Take care of yourself. Also, identify and deal with any blockages and imbalances in your life. Heal from them and move on.

After the Lunar Eclipse, we will finally start to see all of our hard work paying off! Intentions and desires are manifesting. Have faith in the Universe. 

This full moon & eclipse is really asking us to purge and leave the stuff that no longer serves us behind. Which is basically what we should do every full moon, but the energies are much more dramatic and intense, so please just let go because what is meant to leave you will leave and it is so much better to work with those energies and not against them!!

This eclipse might expose liars, dark secrets and it can bring conflict to your relationships.

The moon will conjunct pluto, but I’ll tell you more about that in another post.

After the eclipse tho, we will finally see the results of things we’ve been working on! I am super excited because I feel that we will experience so many rewards and happiness afterwards, if we’ve purged the things we should have!✨

The Capricorn Full Moon calls on us to reflect on how we connect to our self-esteem and respond to validation and/or criticism.

Today’s social media landscape has us constantly tempted to compare our lives to what we see on our timelines.

This can be crushing to our self-worth and may lead to seeking external validation and recognition to fill this spiritual void. Releasing this need for approval and external affirmation frees us to follow our desires unapologetically.

This is a full moon centered around having trust in your abilities and self as you push through doubts and insecurities. If you’ve been dealing with a lack of motivation, the energies present here may just give you that drive you’ve been needing! This is your opportunity for an emotional reset of sorts, as the partial lunar eclipse will wipe the slate clean from the beginning half of this year. Expect the release to be transformative and intense - we may be called to address the fears and uncertainties of our shadow-selves - because this moon is also conjunct Pluto. With both of these entities in Capricorn, power struggles and control issues may arise as we all learn to deal with our own “darkness”. Hang on tight! This purge may be uncomfortable for some, but it’s also necessary.


This ritual can be done anytime, but it is best done between the dates of July 11-29, 2019. You only have to do the ritual once.


  • Cleansing tool of choice (eg. incense, smudge sticks, etc.)

  • 3 Candles (any color is fine)

  • 3-4 big handfuls of uncooked rice (substitute with any other uncooked grain, bean or dried herb)

  • Pen and paper

  • Bowl of water

  • Your favorite essential oil

  • Glass of drinking water


1. Start by stretching your body for about 5-10 minutes. Just loosen out any knots, perhaps do some light jumping, yoga poses, or dance around the room for a moment. Just listen to your body and do what you feel to begin stretching and waking up your muscles.

2. Once you feel like your muscles are nice and relaxed, gather all your ritual ingredients. Place your candles in a triangle configuration with the bowl of water in the middle. All your other ingredients can be off to the side. Light your candles.

3. Take your cleansing tool of choice and begin cleansing your aura. Be sure to stand as you do this, you can also recite the following:

“I cleanse my energy with light and love. I release all heavy weight that is no longer serving me. I let go of any fears that are surrounding me and blocking me from moving forward. I release and let go of any pains or alignments that surround me now. I am light. I am love. I am cleansed. I am light. I am love. I am cleansed.”

After you have cleansed your own energy field, cleanse the space around you and your ritual ingredients. As you do, you can recite the following:

I cleanse this space with light and love. Only love may dwell here. Only light may live here. My space is cleansed. My space is pure. My space is protected. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

4. Sit in front of your candle configuration, and meditate for 10 minutes, which will help to open, relax and soften you into these energies.

5. Once done, open your eyes and take your bowl of rice or grain or herb. Pick up some of the rice or grain you are using, and think about something you would like to release. Say out loud whatever you would like to release as you hold the rice and then drop or throw it into the bowl of water that is in the middle of the candles.

The idea is that the rice or grain acts as a conduit for whatever you are releasing. Do this 5-10 times or until all the rice is gone from the bowl.

Here is an example to guide you:

*holding a pinch of rice in your hands/fingers*

“I release and let go of my fear around not being good enough or worthy enough to go after the job that I really want.”

*throw/sprinkle rice into bowl of water*

6. Now, take your piece of paper and cut or rip it into three pieces. On each piece of paper, write down something you want to be resolved or completed in your life. You can also write down something you wish to bring closure to. It is ok if you repeat some of the things that already came up from the rice exercise earlier.

7. Once you are done writing it all down, fold up your three strips of paper. Take one of the strips of paper and hold it into the flame of the first candle. As you do this, recite the following:

“I release and let go. Thank you.”

Then drop the burning paper into the bowl of water.

Take your next piece and hold it into the second candle flame. As you do, recite the following:

“I am ready for closure. I am ready to move on. Thank you.”

Drop the second burning paper into the bowl of water.

Finally, take your last piece of paper and holding it into the last candle flame, recite the following:

“This cycle has ended. A new one can now begin. It is brighter. I am lighter. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Drop the final burning paper into the bowl of water.

8. Once the paper stops burning, take your finger and begin swirling the water around in an anti-clockwise motion. As you do, say the following or feel free to say whatever you feel in the moment:

“I am cleansing. I am letting go. I am releasing all that must go. My life is free, my light is clear. I am not one to succumb to my fear. I know the path forward, I know where my journey goes, Universe guide me so I may grow. I am open to the light. I am open to the love. I am open to the wholeness that flows from above. I am authentic me, I love myself and my life. Mother Moon, I thank you for this cleansing, thank you for this light. I am me. I am whole, and I trust the way in which the wind blows.”

9. Now, take a drop of the essential oil you are using and place it into the bowl. The essential oil will lift the vibration of what is inside the bowl. Now take your finger and stir the water in a clockwise direction. As you do this, just take 10 deep long breaths in and out. Try to clear your mind as you do this.

10. Once you are done with your breaths, stop stirring the water. Sit for a moment in silence reflecting on any emotions or feelings that have been stirred. If you like, you can simply journal or meditate.

11. Once ready to close the ritual, snuff out your candles and then take your bowl of water with the papers and the grain and discard it outside in the garden or bury it in the earth.

If you don’t have access to a garden, it is fine to drain the water down the sink and discard the paper in recycling. Just try to return the ingredients to earth as much as possible.

12. Once you have done this, take your glass of drinking water. Holding it in both hands, recite the following affirmation to charge up the water and then drink it:

“This water cleanses my spirit, it nourishes my soul. As I drink I will feel restored, healed, and awakened. As I drink this, my body, mind, and soul will feel at one.”

Happy Lunar Eclipse!